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  1. Hi all I've been running 2.1 RC since it's release and it seems stable and to have sorted out some of the v2 problems. To be honest I had very few problems with v2 anyway! I've probably now doomed myself! Scubatooth-with 20k images to organise, there is no doubt Lightroom will help/ease your burden! This si exactly the kind of task that Lightroom does really well. For me the improved export options in v2/2.1 make it worth the upgrade fee. All the best Adam
  2. Hi all, Beyond Blue's inaugral issue is up and available for download at Beyond Blue It is a free online magazine in pdf and ebook formats. It is put out by SAMPLA and it's editor is Fiona Ayerst. It has a combination of science and environmental articles, with some great pictures! Best Adam
  3. Hi, Great pictures, I also like the blennie best. You don't need to train! Thanks for sharing them Adam
  4. Hi John, I used Nikonons V's years ago, then a long break till I started using an Olympus P&S with TTL a few years ago.When I decided to move "up" to a DSLR, I was very apprehensive about switching to manual. As I ended up with a D2Xs, I found that I had little choice but that shooting in manual is actually pretty straightforward and intuitive anyway. Do I miss TTL-not really. If I could find a simple easy fix to get TTL would I do it-sure. It is a useful tool, but I don't think I would revert to using it that much. I shoot everything in RAW. Important no, nice to have -yes All the best Adam
  5. Hi, Just to echo the others-I have a Sigma 17-70 and find it the most versatile lens I have (except my Tokina 10-17-but that's an addiction problem!) I use it in a Subal housing with 8" dome and the 33mm extension ring. I don't use a diopter, but after this thread I'm going to re-examine my corners! All the best Adam
  6. Hi again, Thanks for the feedback! I've done some tweeking with the first of them! Thoughts? Thank you Adam
  7. Hi, I've tried to mail you a few times-no response so though I would post here to see if thye are getting through! Please let me know My mail is info at adamhanlon dot com. Many thanks Adam
  8. Hi all, I was lucky enough to spend 10 days in the Maldives in May, and the highlight of the trip (besides getting married!) was diving a couple of times with a BIG school of mantas The reason (I think) for the schooling was a really big plankton bloom-great for the mantas feeding, but poor for photography! I tried to minimise the effect of the particles by shooting in available light, with a magic filter, but the results were a bit disapointing. I started playing around with the greyscale conversion in Lightroom and these were the result! Feedback is more than welcome! I have never really messed about with greyscale before.....! Many thanks All the best Adam
  9. Alex, Once again your work has raised the bar! Green water will never look the same again! Thanks Adam
  10. Fantastic and inspirational! Really like the Lembeh ones. Also really like the way the slideshow captions work as a narrative! Thanks for sharing them Adam
  11. Hi Tim, I have one of the ZTS testers and cannot speak to highly of it! Picks up dud batteries every time! I got mine from eBay! All the best Adam
  12. Hi all, Most of you (in the UK anyway) are probably aware that XL airlines have ceased trading. XL ran many of the flights to Sharm. I had a group booked with them in November, which I have just had to re-arrange. If you are planning/have booked any Red Sea holidays, it will be worth contacting your agent to find out who the flights are booked with! All the best. Adam
  13. Hi there, I have had similar problems with Suunto computers, specifically, the resin cased/plasic/rubber strapped ones (Vyper/Vytec etc.) I managed to pin in down to the fact that the activation mechanism on these is a wet sensor on the back of the module. This is a separtate mechanism from depth sensor. If the computer is over tightened (particuarly over a bulky suit), water cannot reach this sensor. this can cause the computer to activate at depth and hence give random results. It is also random! A simple fix is to punch some holes into the boot to allow water in! On a separate note, I have just started to test a D9 wireless function with my Inon strobes. I had some bad experiences with wireless computers (air Z's) and strobes some years ago. The good news is that the D9 seems cmpltely unaffected so far. I'll keep you posted. All the best, and hope the above helps Adam
  14. Great pics I also really like the dappled sunlight effect. Were they chumming to get the sharks so close? Thanks for sharing them Adam
  15. Hi again Dave, Sorry for the delayed response-I've been diving Yes it is the one on the web site-Computrekker Plus AW Mine does get really heavy-it is a struggle to carry it around making it look light so the check in staff don't weigh it!! So far so good though-they never have! It does seeem that wheeled bags do get weighed more-I suppose the philosphy is that if it need wheels it must be heavier. I'm really happy with mine All the best Adam
  16. Great selection of pics. Thanks for sharing Adam
  17. Hi Dave, I have used a Computrekker plus on several flights over the last year or so. I got no hassle from the check in staff. even on the Maldivian sea planes. It has travelled as carry on for all flights. Sizewise, I can get my Subal ND2, ports, strobes and arms in it. The bag seems to be wearing well. Hope that helps Adam
  18. Hi, Ditto the above-I use original and green water magics with this lens, by triming and taping it onto the back. I have a Nikon Works fine! The combination of the 10-17 and magic filter is a great one! Magic filters work really well wth fisheye lenses. All the best Adam
  19. Hi guys Yes my plan was for macro wide angle! I plan to use the TC to get my foreground object magnified, and still get the advantage of the 10-17 wide angle as a background. By the way, I put it all together in my housing, and if I reverse the zoom gear, I can actually use it to give me zoom with the TC in place-result! All the best Adam
  20. Hi, I've used them a few times although this was to the UK. My most recent order landed in 3 days! Unbelievable! They are great! Adam
  21. Hi, I'd like the single sync cord-can you mail me please? info at adamhanlon dot com! Mnay thanks Adam
  22. Hi all, Been meaning to add to this thread for ages.... Here is some of our menagerie Jacob-a 3 year old healer cross we rescued: Jeckyl, raised from a feral kitten: His brother Hyde: and Seth an 11 month collie/lurcher cross who came to investigate my bubbles! Enjoy! Adam
  23. Great pics Alex I think I may have a use for the bicycle/broom cam with some trout at Capernwray! It is probably a stupid question, but when you drilled the shutter releaae-did you do it while it was attached to the housing? If so how?! Many thanks Adam
  24. Hi again all, I have received a quick reply from Ryan (as always!) He says that the 15mm is the ideal, although the 20mm will work it is a little long. Thanks for all the ideas! I plan to try the Tokina 10-17mm (at the 10mm end since I won't have a zoom gear) with the 1.4 convertor-I'll post the results. Thanks again Adam
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