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  1. Thanks for the quick reply! You have cleared this up quite well for me. I am leaning toward the external solution, rather than the teleconverter option primarily for the flexibility in my shooting options while diving as opposed to being "set" with what I will be shooting once I am in. you have been very helpful; thanks again!!! Donna
  2. Thanks, Bill; so if I understand you correctly, you have used the macromate and, aside from the loss of 2 F Stops (which I assume would happen with either solution?) and autofocus becoming a challenge, you were happy with the results? Cheers, Donna
  3. I recently upgraded my Canon XTi rig to a Canon 5D Mark II in an Aquatica housing. Because I have now gone to a full frame camera, I no longer have the benefit of the 1.5X on my 100mm macro that I had with the cropped sensor on the Xti. I am considering either Backscatter's "Macromate" external diopter solution, or the 2x teleconverter attached between the body of the camera and the lens, with a port extension for the housing. The thought of having the flexibility to choose the level of macro I wish to shoot, while diving, with the Macromate accessory is appealing, however, I would like to know if anyone has actually used this before and has opinions on the pros and cons of the two solutions and, more importantly, the ease of use and quality of the pictures. I welcome any and all feedback on this and thank you in advance for your opinion! Cheers, Donna
  4. Thanks for the reccomendation; this is particularly helpful as I was not looking forward to giving up the TTL capability that I have with the Ikelite housing and my twin DS125 strobes, which I intend to keep. Please drop a note back once you have used the housing in Cocos, ok? I have until November to get my homework done before I buy! Cheers, Donna
  5. What an EXTREMELY helpful article, Stew; thanks SO Much!
  6. Thanks Stew; I had a little chuckle over your "selling your liver" comment; I REALLY understand!
  7. I am looking to completely upgrade my current rig from a Canon XTi in an Ikelite housing to the 5D Mark II and would appreciate any reccomendations and supporting logic. I want to be able to use my twin Ikelite DS125 Strobes, preferably (but not required) with TTL capability. I don't have an unlimited budget on the housing since I will be upgrading LOTS of gear (lenses, ports, etc) so would like to stay under 3,500 on the housing. I was thinking aquatica, but have no idea what the advantages/pros cons of the options might be and thought I would leverage the experience of the community in addtion to what I know will be extensive research on my part. Thanks all for your feedback! Donna
  8. This is GREAT, Jeff and exactly what I was hoping to get; thanks SO much!!!
  9. I received a new addtion to my underwater gear for Xmas; a new Sigma 8mm F3.5 lens for my Canon XTi. I have been shooting with Canon 10-22 for about a year now, with two Ikelite DS125 strobes, with pretty good results, with both WA and CFWA shooting, shooting manual settings with TTL on the strobes (I occasionally bracket the strobes with EV). My question is this; Are there unique techniques to using a fisheye? IE; are the settings similar to WA shooting; what about strobe positioning? I will be going on a photo expedition in March on the Solmar V to Soccorro, and want to be able to use this lens for the big animals I hope to see. Any tips, techniques, reccomendations, however minor would be GREATLY appreciated!! Thanks so much! Donna
  10. Absolutely; count me amongst the very interested!!
  11. Hey all, In light of the new "regulations" for checked bags by United, ( and in preparation of the other airlines following...) Thanks to you ALL. As Background: I have been fortunate, enough to travel approx 5 dive trips (or more) per year since my husband and I completed our 4 referral dives on our honeymoon Feb 2005 Until now, We have been able to check both our dive gear, our clothing and, in a pelican case, the aforementioned housing, strobe and large port components of my photography gear (as well as my husbands underwater housing for a video camera, as well as battery---all in all the pelican case and contents were, pretty heavy stuff!) DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY RECOMMENDATIONS ON HOW TO CARRY ALL OF THE ABOVE ONTO THE PLANE?? We have three more trips already planned for this year; Bonaire, BVI and Galapagos with the DPG group in Sept... HELP????
  12. What a creative group of folks; you all have been fantastic resources. I am sure I will be giving most of these suggestions a go during my 10 days of diving in Bonaire; one or more is sure to be a good fit for me. Thanks again everyone!! Donna
  13. These are EXCELLENT reccomendations; thanks to you both for your suggestions. I am looking forward to giving these techniques a go in April! Cheers, and Happy Holidays to you Both! Donna
  14. I will be heading back to Bonarie this coming April and, although a relatively experienced diver (over 170 the past two years) I struggle with a good process for carrying my fins and my rig, then putting my fins on in the surf in this situation. I am pretty fit, but not that big *5"4" 1351b female) My dive buddy (and husband) has typically needed to carry the rig into the surf for me after I have fins on, but waiting for him while being sloshed about is not the ideal situation, either. Does anyone have any thoughts regarding "a better mousetrap" here. Kindest Regards All, Donna
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