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  1. Thanks for the reference. Never thought about DIY - will try it out
  2. I'm not sure who you would ask to confirm this, but I wonder if the sealife-ikelite adapter would still allow you to shoot TTL mode.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. Think I will also go to the fiber-optic cables, which I have heard are much more reliable than the bulky sync cords
  4. I'm thinking about getting a pair of YS-D2J strobes. I presently use Nikon D850 with Ikelite housing and a pair of DS161 strobes and a TTL converter. The online manual suggests the S&S are lighter, and easy to use. Anyone know of any disadvantages or problems with the YS-D2J?
  5. Does anyone have an opinion regarding the relative value of the Sea and Sea internal correction lens for a Nikon 16 to 35 mm lens? Worth the $400?
  6. My handle is RAG, and I'm from Indiana. Diving for 6 years, taking pictures for one - using nikon 850 with ikelite housing.
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