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  1. This item is sold. Thank you for your interest.
  2. WTS Nauticam Macro Port 87. SKU #18702. Used and in good condition. Comes with front port cover, rear port cover, and o-ring. More details here: https://www.nauticam.com/products/macro-port-87 Asking S$350 or US$250. I prefer to sell locally in Singapore but will mail it abroad if buyer covers the shipping.
  3. (sorry... I can't figure out how to change the orientation) Ikelite SLR Flat Port for Nikon 105mm Macro Lens Part number 5055.46 Used and in good condition Comes with port o-ring and neoprene cover It is the same item as in this listing: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/439623-REG/Ikelite_5505_46_5505_46_Flat_Port.html Asking $50 plus actual shipping costs from Singapore. PM if interested. Thank you.
  4. Bravo, Nikon! Finally, the camera that everyone has been waiting for for years. It will now be interesting to see how many people with D7000/7100/7200 upgrade to the D5 for underwater use.
  5. Fred, I am sorry to hear about the eye infection and the fact that you cut your trip short. It is very nice and generous of you to offer your space to someone else for free.
  6. Price drop to EUR 1,600. This trip is just over a week away. Treat yourself to an awesome trip at a great price!
  7. Hello everyone, I am lowering the price to EUR 1,800 for my spot. Please contact me if interested. This is a great deal, I hope someone will take it and have a fantastic time! Thank you.
  8. Hello everyone, I am signed up to join Underwater Tribe for a liveaboard trip on the MV Ambai to Komodo National Park from 25 September-4 October 2015 (9 days). I can no longer make the trip and am looking for someone to take my spot. The trip leaves from Bima on 25 September and ends in Labuan Bajo on 4 October. This is for one male share spot. The original price is EUR 2,375 and I am offering my spot for EUR 2,000. Please PM if interested. I am really bummed about not being able to make this trip. I would really appreciate if someone would step into my spot and enjoy a great trip at a substantial discount. For more information, please take a look at the following links: Trip Details on Underwater Tribe Website Trip Details on MV Ambai Website Trip Report from Previous Trip Price includes: - Accommodation in twin bed cabin (male share) - All the dives are guided, 4 dives guides a maximum of 4 divers/1 guide - Tanks 80 cf/12L All meals and snacks on board - Drinking water, soft drinks, hot drinks - Airport-boat transfers upon arrival and departure Price does not include and you’ll need to add on to your budget: - Komodo park entry fee: 125 €/ pax * Mandatory - Nitrox fill. Package 80 €/ cruise - Additional for 100 cf tank 35 €/ cruise - Dive equipment rental if any - Domestic flights approximately 200 €/ pax * Mandatory - Alcohol drinks (customers can bring their own bottles if desired) - Crew gratuities - Any Visas required to enter Indonesia - Hotel ( 2 nights ) & transfers (4 times ) in Bali approximately 160 – 200 US$ - International flights - Dive / Travel insurance - Excess baggage fees or Airport tax Fees Thank you. Terence
  9. I can't wait to get my hands on a D7200. I have D7100 with Nauticam housing and love it, and have in mind to get a second body as a back up. If (maybe big if) the D7200 fits into the D7100 housing, I have a dilemma: splash for the D7200 as my new primary camera or get a discounted left over D7100 as a back up?
  10. Does anyone have an opinion on this lens for underwater macro use? It is available in Canon, Nikon, Sony, and Pentax mounts and costs $379. The maximum 2:1 magnification sounds interesting on paper. http://photorumors.com/2015/01/05/venus-optics-announced-new-60mm-f2-8-ultra-macro-lens-the-worlds-first-21-magnification-lens-with-infinity-focus/
  11. Thank you, Drew and ajay. Last time I was in Bali I took a look around Scuba Seraya and I thought it looked very nice. I ended up getting in touch with Jeff Mullins at http://www.reefwreckandcritter.com/ and he's helping me arrange accommodation and guided diving out of Liberty Dive Resort. I'll report back on how it goes.
  12. Hi everyone, I am in the midst of planning a trip to Bali. I will have the opportunity to spend a few nights in the Tulamben/Seraya area. Could you please let me know your opinion on the best place to stay in the area. The things that are important to me are: - close to good dive sites - decent accommodations, clean and comfortable - availability of a good guide who is used to photographers' needs - decent food - not a necessity, but a good camera room would be nice - also not a necessity, but wifi would be nice I am not very price sensitive as long as I feel that I am getting good value for the price. On a previous trip, I stayed at Paradise, which I found a little basic. Thank you for your help.
  13. Here are a couple of mine. Having a great time!
  14. Thank you everyone for your views. I have decided to join the Wetpixel Lembeh Macro Workshop with Dr. Alex Mustard in October instead. So excited!
  15. Awesome find! Thanks for sharing. I love both pics.
  16. Hi everyone, I tried to use an allen key to remove the plastic plug and it did not do the job. The plastic plug is lodged in pretty tightly. Good news is that my dealer has found the tool that I need and has put it in the mail to me. I really hope it works.
  17. Kelpfish, could you please take a picture of this black piece and post it here? I will ask my dealer to mail one to me. I will also try the allen key when I'm back home (currently traveling). Thanks everyone for your help.
  18. Eyematey, Please see the attached picture. The hole on the housing where the mounting ball is supposed to go is blocked by a white plastic plug that is stuck very tight. I would like to know how to remove it without using brute force as I am afraid to damage the housing. Any help is much appreciated!
  19. MarkD, thank you. Your description was easy to follow and it worked out perfectly. Alex, thank you. I wasn't able to view the video on either the my mac or pc. I am not sure why. But in any case, I have figured out the zoom gear situation based on MarkD's explanation. I tried to use a pair of long nosed pliers to remove the plastic plug on the housing but it is lodged in very tightly. I even broke off a small bit of the plastic plug by applying too much force to the pliers. Any other ideas?
  20. Hi everyone, I have another question about the housing. I am trying to mount my focus light on the housing, so I need to add a 1 inch ball. I already have the M10 strobe mounting ball (25221). The question is how do I mount it to the housing? There's a metal plate connecting the handles to the housing for stability. Once I remove this, there is a plastic plug in the hole that I need to use (see picture for the plastic plug). It is lodged in pretty tightly and I cannot seem to remove it. How do I remove this plastic plug? Thank you.
  21. Hi everyone, I just got a new Nauticam housing for my D7100. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to mount the zoom gear for the Tokina 10-17. Could someone please explain? Pictures would be even better. There are 2 parts to the zoom gear. One is a rubbery ring that I presume goes around the zoom ring of the lens. The other is the actual gear that I presume goes around the rubbery ring. But when I mount the rubbery ring on the zoom gear of the lens, the diameter is wider than the inner diameter of the gear, so it has no possibility of fitting. Also, the rubbery ring seems to have an up and down and I am not sure which direction should face where. It's not even clear to me the sequence whereby the parts go on the camera (lens, rubbery ring, gear). Please help! Thank you.
  22. Hi everyone, I recently got a Zen 4" dome port DP-100 for my Nauticam D7100 housing. It did not come with a port cover. Does anyone have recommendations for a good dome port cover solution? I am concerned about damaging the glass inadvertently. Thank you.
  23. Anilao is one of my favorite spots for macro shooting. Wide angle opportunities are great as well but most people associate Anilao with excellent macro life. There is a good mix of diving. It is not all muck diving, in fact, far from it. Many of the reefs are lush and beautiful, for example Twin Rocks and Beatrice. I have stayed at both Acacia and Crystal Blue. Both are good and you would not go wrong with either. Acacia is slightly higher end and the prices will reflect this. The property is beautiful and the acacia tree in the middle of the garden is spectacular. Dive sites are all within a few minutes by bangka. Traveling end to end of the straight in a bangka would probably take 25 minutes, so I wouldn't worry too much about having a house reef. Average boat rides will probably be in the 10 min range. How much you enjoy the diving will very much depend on your guide. I have used Edgar at Crytal Blue before and he is fantastic, highly recommended. In Bohol, I have dove Cabilao. The diving is pretty good but not as good as Anilao - the reefs are healthy and there is a lot of macro life, just less of everything compared to Anilao. If I rated Anilao a 10, I would rate Cabilao a 7. I have not dove elsewhere around Bohol. Neither place has anything close to a party scene.
  24. Nice report. I observed many of the same things you did when I dove Bali. Glad you had a good time. The Liberty is indeed a fantastic wreck, best done early in the morning or late at night when the hordes of day trippers are gone. And Nusa Penida is indeed wonderful but definitely NOT for beginners and the choice of operator will make all the difference.
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