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  1. selling on behalf of my father in-law who is getting to old to use the camera anymore(his words). 1 x Panasonic tm-700 hi-def video camera and 1 x Sealux video housing. With this housing you have all manual controls including white balance and focus control. It comes with a microphone fitted as an extra. http://www.sealux.de/en/products/video-housings/special-housings-panasonic/hdc-sd707-tm700-hs700/ The camera has a couple of scratches on the body, but works fawlessly and the optics are scratch free. The whole setup is about 2 years old, but has only beens used a handfull of times. rrp for whole setup is over £4000, asking £1500 posted.
  2. Any chance anyone has a secondhand housing for a sony vx2100e video camera. i am looking for one to replace my 950 setup . i made the mistake of getting the camera first and thought the housing would be easy to find. would prefer an Amphibico or something similar cheers Mat
  3. Any chance someone has a secondhand underwater video housing for sony vx2100e camcorder. I am looking for a Amphibico housing or somehting similar in good condition. cheers
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