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  1. Ok thanks guys.touve been really helpful. Any idea how much a set of strobes would cost? Of decent quality? I assume they arent universal to all housings?
  2. Hi guys, first post on here. Just starting out with us photography. Looking at a couple of Sonys a7s or a7ii. Any advice on which might be better would be great. I am on a budget hence the older models. I like to film but take shots too. I understand the a7s has great low light ability which seems like a good idea for underwater pics in the non tropical waters of Cornwall. And Id like to get away without using strobes if possible. However the a7ii looks good too for what I need. Any help would be great, treat me as I if I know nothing! Thanks.
  3. Hi guys Im Tom, looking to start uw photography after many years mastering the GoPro. Was looking to upgrade to something a bit more professional. Living in Cornwall uk.
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