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  1. https://www.instagram.com/mafi.photo Mostly cold water stuff and cave diving in Mexico. I am ramping it up now again after long holiday with many wide angle shots coming up soon!
  2. I had a GoPro 4 Black but never used it that much as it died within minutes in local 4C deg water. Now I bought the following setup and I cannot complain! Sealife DC2000 + Super Macro Lens + 0.5 Wide Angle Dome lens + 2x Sea Dragon Universal Flash + Sea Dragon 2500 + red filter (focus light / primary light for night dives) + Sea Dragon Duo Flouro (for fluoro video/photography) All mounted on Flex Arm tray+plastic carbon arms. This feels like an amazing start for underwater photography. I am learning how to shoot with all the stuff in local green water. Now in the phase of collecting nice photos to start high-quality content Instagram Best regards,
  3. I was considering underwater photography / videography for a long time, but now I am ready to take the plunge as I found a really nice niche - underwater fluorography: For those unfimilar, here are some examples: https://vimeo.com/107252204 + https://vimeo.com/103921506 As you guys a light year ahead of me, I am turning to you with some questions. Please consider following while writing answers: - I've made the decision to buy Panasonic GH5s with Ikelite housing. - I want to shoot at 10bit so I have more leeway for color correcting. - I do not budget for an underwater recorder that would allow me to shoot 60fps at C4K 10bit 4:2:2 - I am shooting in cold (and later in the year greenish) water in DK, only at night and with no natural light. - I will be shooting macro/semi macro without a tripod most of the time. 1) Does it make sense to shoot Vlog to get the most leeway for color correction, presumably needed for this kind of project? 2) How much leeway and dynamic range I'd lose by switching C4K 4:2:2 10bit to C4K 4:2:0 8bit to get the option to shoot 60fps for cinematic slow-mo? Is not 60 fps full HD with preserving 4:2:2 10bit be a better idea? 3) How far can I get only with Oly 60mm macro lens? How far and large objects I will be able to shoot with it? Your answers and any suggestions/remarks that come to mind are most welcome
  4. Hi guys, my name is Marcel, I am DM / cave diver currently living in Denmark. I am joining because of one very specific movie project with Fluorescence I will be discussing in the appropriate thread soon. See you there and dive safe! :-)
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