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  1. If it's not going under water, you don't need full waterproof. You could use something like this: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home?O=&sku=610181&gclid=CjwKEAiAoOvEBRDD25uyu9Lg9ycSJAD0cnByWpe9ob2IYAHVyKfJnVQLe3Qs4yZZaR2zE-BGnZn5XBoCeILw_wcB&Q=&ap=y&c3api=1876%2C52934714882%2C&is=REG&A=details and have the cable enter from the bottom. Any rain or splash would flow off.
  2. For strobes, I've been using an Inon D2000 for years with both epl2 & epl7. It's been very solid and exposure in usually right. Personally, I'd go Inon again, but I don't have experience with others.
  3. I also just purchased an em1 mkii. I am considering housing it, but a couple of things give me pause. I really love the compactness of the PEN system underwater. Also, if I flood an em1 ii, I'll be very upset. If I flood an epl7 I'll just have a drink.
  4. If you want to go for a 12-40 you need to stick with the larger OMD housing. I don't think it will work on a PEN housing. Also be aware that the em5 ii housing is more like a PEN housing than an OMD. BTW, I had an epl2 and went to epl7. I felt it was worth it.
  5. I'm not sure they're going to make a housing for the epl8. I have the epl7 & housing, but my epl7 is dying on me. I was looking at specs of epl7 & epl8. They are extremely close physically. Wondering if an epl8 fits in epl7 housing. I think you want to keep using the 60mm, so if you go for epl7 housing, you will want to take the port off the epl1 and use that. I use a Zen semi dome for the 9-18 and use that and the 60 behind it. Are the deals out yet on the em1 & housing? I think all the em5 deals are gone. I'm trying to decide what to do: 1. send my epl7 to olympus for service 2. sell my epl7 housing and start a new 3. buy a used epl7 ( I wish oly had some refurbs for sale)
  6. If it were me, I'd either go with the cheapest AOI or the Zen. With the sale price on the Zen, you get the metal port and glass for cheaper than the AOI version. The Zen is very well made.
  7. Those are the ones. If you want to go cheaper, AOI also makes one that is acrylic: http://www.backscatter.com/sku/aoi-dlp-04p.lasso?s2op=cn&s2=slr%20photo&s3op=cn&s3=ports&s6op=cn&s6=photo&s13op=cn&s13=dome%20ports&sop=AND&skip=54&sf=Price&so=Descending&ftn=youbetcha& I have the Zen simply because it was only available when I got mine. I works great, no complaints. I also have an AOI acrylic for the panasonic 8mm FE. I have no complaints about it, but I have not tried the glass version to compare. I don't think you go wrong with any of them.
  8. That is the housing which came with the weird LED lights on the port. That port only ever came on that housing. It specifically lists only the 14-42 as supported. Unfortunately, you have a one off that was recognized as not very good. If you want to use the 9-18, buy either the Zen port or the AOI port for it. Or try to find someone willing to part with the standard port from the epl1/2/5 housing. Standard port for epl7 housing won't work either. http://www.getolympus.com/us/en/pt-ep03-underwater-housing-for-the-e-pl3.html
  9. I have put the AOI port (forget the model) for the panasonic 8mm FE on the pt-ep12. Works like a champ.
  10. I have a pt-ep12 with a Zen WA-100 on it. I used to own the epl2 & housing and had used the WA-100 there. The port interface is the same. The port for the ep12 is a bit useless for me also, but it does accommodate a few other lens. I tried the 17 f2.8 pancake and it worked. Not sure I'd really want that underwater, but it works. The great thing about the WA-100 to me is that I can also use the 60mm behind it. So, with that one port, you can use the 14-42, 9-18 & 60. I recommend putting the WA-100 on the ep12 so then you can use your full range of lens with the better camera. Leave the epl1 as is. You can still use all those same 3 lens on behind the standard port. Biggest difference is you don't get the full wide angle of the dome. Of course, you sacrifice some magnification when using the 60 behind the WA-100 semi dome, but it really has not been an issue for me. The pay off in flexibility is more than worth it. And the zoom gears are the same. Same gear works on the 9-18 & 14-42 and will work with either housing.
  11. I would check with Kent. you might get best of both worlds, nice glass port for less money. I bought my Zen used from someone and it's still like new, 5 years later.
  12. For half the price, I'd probably go with the AOI. I never was able to find exact specs for comparison, but I think they are essentially the same. No, you won't be able to add a diopter, but with the 60mm, you really don't need it. That's 120mm effective. It's a very zoomed it narrow view. In fact, I have to back off many times to get what I want in the frame. I'm really a huge advocate of this port with the 9-18 & 60. So much versatility with just a lens change and leave the port alone. I got the port for the 8mm specifically to shoot whale sharks. I've enjoyed it and used it for other things also like over & under shots. But the last dive trip I took, I used the 9-18, 60 combo 90% of the time.
  13. did you see this thread: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=57671
  14. Hanzz, just saw your question. I have the acrylic and it works fine for me.
  15. You can use an olympus housing with a glass dome or port. It came off to me that you were implying that using the oly housings and the ports available are optically inferior to the aluminum housings. I don't think that's the case. Now, those housing have other advantages especially over the PEN housings. I can't comment on the Meikon housing, but I would suggest that the oly housing solution is closer to the aluminum ones in quality than it is to Meikon.
  16. I would suggest you look at the ZEN WA-100. It is only $375 now and I can attest that it is nicely made. I've used it for a while with both the epl2 & now epl7. I could not find the specs on the dimensions of the WA-100, but I suspect it and the AOI are within millimeters of each other. I say that because even though you might be able to fit all those lens into the AOI, I don't think all of them will work very well underwater. Zen lists the lens that the port is designed for, which is the kit 14-42 & 9-18. I and others have successfully used the 60mm in that dome also. I have been happy with my AOI for the 8mm. So, I think both ZEN and AOI make good products. My point is don't base your decision on the list of AOI supported lens, because I just don't think it's reality.
  17. I have used the AOI port designed for the 8mm Panasonic on an epl7 housing pt-ep12. It worked fine. I bought it over the precision dome. The Zen dome is quite pricey for the 8mm. I also own the Zen 100 semi dome which I think directly competes with the AOI you're looking at. It is great and I love it's versatility as I use the 9-18, 60mm & occasionally the 14-42 kit lens behind it. I would question whether the Zen or the AOI would be compatible with the 12mm. Seems like it would vignette as it's a smaller lens and would be far from the glass. I would say the same thing about both 17s also. I have not heard of anyone using a 45 behind it either. That being said, the ability to go all the way from 9mm to 60mm in the same port (which I do all the time) is the big selling point of these semi domes for me. Just be careful choosing your lens. If you don't intend to use 9-18, there are probably other ways to go on this.
  18. Since the 9-18 is getting a bad rap here, any of you have one you want to part with? I know this is probably blasphemy, but I love being able to use my 60mm macro and 9-18 in the same port on my Pen housing. I can also use the kit lens, but I never do. The flexibility is a huge plus to me. But, my 9-18 has developed an issue where after being zoomed to around 13mm or so I get the message: "Check status of lens" on the camera. I then have to cycle power on the camera and bring lens back into the wider ranges
  19. I don't have personal experience with it, but I seem to remember people trying to figure out a way to do it without any real success. Search here and on scubaboard and see what you find. People have had success with macro wet lens.
  20. Has anyone actually had success with add on WA lens on m4/3? If I were you I'd just use what you have until such time as you can purchase a port/lens combo that fits your budget and makes sense. I'm a big fan of the Zen port as it allows you to use 3 lens, 9-18, kit lens and 60mm macro.
  21. I use .19 to infinity behind the Zen dome and it performs well for me on an epl2. now that I have an epl7, I expect it will focus quicker. Sometimes it might take a little bit to focus on a subject when you first start to look at it. Then it gets better, because it's already focused once. So, if there is something skittish and you know approximately how far away you'll be, try to prefocus on something a similar distance before moving in, so lens is at a close starting point. If something like a nudibranch, no big deal as it's not moving fast.
  22. Note that the 12-40 is currently on sale for $799. I got extremely lucky and picked one up from olympus refurbed and with 20% discount. Price was $519 + tax. The build quality is very nice. I haven't taken enough photos with it yet to comment on that aspect. I do not plan on using this underwater for all the reasons listed in the thread.
  23. I didn't know that about the later cameras and the 14-42 & 12-50. Very interesting. Makes those lens much more appealing to me now. thanks.
  24. This is the reason my recommendation is for the em5 package from olympus. Then spend all that money you saved over the em1 on lens/ports and strobes. It all comes down to money and priorities. Doesn't everything?
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