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  1. My Fuji F30 isn't quite wide enough to suit me. I realize this Sea and Sea isn't out so no one has used one, but theoretically, do you think this would be a good way to go, or should I just add an INON WA lens to my Fuji? I would like to be able to shoot RAW, but can live without that.




    I'm in the same boat here. I'm considering the Inon UWL-105AD and the base for the F30.

  2. Looks like a really excellent camera - may be the new preferred compact for underwater use:




    Has full manual control, excellent image quality, CCD stabilization, large LCD, and takes SD media cards.





    Are you sure it has full manual control. The F30/F31 have what they call a manual mode, but it's not full manual. They also have aperture or shutter priority, but you can't set both. From what I see, this one has the same modes.

  3. I also have an F30 in the Fuji housing. It seems like this is a great strobe for that setup. But I have a question. Should you pay the extra for the focus light of the 2000 or go with the 2000s. If the camera is going to fire a preflash anyway to figure out exposure, what does the focus light do for you?


    BTW, I used my F30 with a sealife SL960D and got some ok results. I originally bought the sealife to use with a Olympus C4000 in a pt-010 setup. I've gotten some good photos out of it, but recently bought the F30. I'm considering selling my olympus setup with the sealife strobe and getting the inon to go with my fuji. Just thinking out loud here.

    How much would a C4000, pt-010, with a SL960D be worth?

  4. I always thought that the Sea&Sea line of compacts fit this bill. Also a couple of the Olympus waterproof version depending upon how deep you want to take it.




    Most things I've read about the sea&sea cameras are not good.

    I considered the olympus waterproof camera, but that's only good for snorkeling at best. Even then, I don't know how much I would trust it in continual use.

    I chose the F30 because, based on what I read, it was superior photographically over most small cameras out there. It met my original criteria of a pocket camera, but it also has the potential of being a better U/W camera than what I have (Oly C4000). So, I was going to buy a $200-$300 camera anyway and for just $140 more I get another underwater option that can also take movies underwater.


    I doubt if I'll ever house my D50. Just too expensive and bulky for me and how I use it.


    Anyway, that was my rationale.

  5. Thanks Chris! Good info. It's low noise characteristic almost sells it for me.



    One note. It's not as thin as some of the cameras I've seen in the same class. It's thin enough for me, but there are smaller ones out there if pocketable is the most important thing.

    Also, the F30 doesn't have full manual control. you can have either aperture or shutter priority, but you can't set both.

  6. Well, I got a Fuji F30 for the same purpose. I wanted a pocket camera, then I read good things on here about the underwater capabilities. I haven't used it underwater yet, but it's nice top side. The movie mode is great and shutter is lag is pretty good. I have an old C4000 I use underwater and on land the F30 appears to be twice as fast. I also have a Nikon D50. The F30 isn't as fast nor does it take as good pictures as the D50, but I expected that.


    The Fuji housing for the F30 is impressive. very well made. I've tried it with my optically fired SL960D strobe and it works fine. I won't be trying it underwater until July.

  7. Scott,

    Nice looking shots.

    I have a question. On my pt-010 I always stored it with the main oring removed. on the pt-010 this is easy to do. On the fuji housing it looks much more difficult to remove the 2 orings. I'm concerned about stretching them. Do you remove your orings for cleaning and storage?




  8. I ended up buying the f30 and the fuji housing.

    I like the f30s size and it takes great movies, which are two main reasons I wanted a camera like this. Haven't tried it underwater yet. Taking a trip this summer with both the f30 and C4000, so I'll get to see which one is really the best.

    The fuji housing is well made and seems really solid. More so than the pt-010 and the pt-010 is still humming along. My wife used it just last week for some shots in a local spring. She wanted to use what she was familiar with, so she ditched the f30.

    One advantage of the pt-010 is that it fits your hand better. It has the little indention in the back for your thumb and is very natural to use one handed. The f30 housing is so small it's easy to hit a button you didn't intend to. But when using a strobe and tray it's not an issue because I'll mainly hold it by the strobe arm. But for non strobe use, I think the pt-010 is easier to use.


    I tried the f30 with the SL960D strobe and it worked fine. I haven't played with all the f30 settings yet to see if I can get something I like for U/W. There will be plenty of time for that on the live aboard trip this summer.


    Out of the water and in complete auto mode for both cameras, the f30 takes about half the time of the C4000 from when the shutter release is depressed till when the picture is taken. I didn't do any measure of write times. This was very unscientific, just taking pictures where a flash was needed so it was easy to see when each camera fired.

  9. Yes, I realized how long and discontinuous that was after I wrote it.

    And yes, your points 1 - 4 are correct.


    Here are the most important questions to me:

    1. Can the F30 be used effectively with an optically fired strobe?

    2. Is the F30 significantly faster taking underwater shots than an Oly C4000? I realize there is a difference between focus speed and shutter speed. All things being equal (light, subject, etc) from the time you press the shutter release until the picture is captured by the sensor, what is the normal time for the F30? Is that faster than the C4000? I know there's probably ony a few people who have used both and can answer that question, but I thought I'd try.

    3. Are WA lenses compatible between the Fuji and Olympus housings? ( I think you've already answered that one.)


    The bottom line is I'm going to get a small P&S that is pocketable and takes movies at 30fps. With the F30, there is also the possibility of going underwater with it. I'm trying to decide if I want go that route. I have a working UW setup now, but not sure how much longer it will keep working.



  10. Hi, I'm new to the forum. I have a pt-010 and have shot an olympus C3000 and C4000 for the last 5 years. The C3000 started acting flakey, so I got a C4000 while I still could. I later added a sealife SL960D strobe with an opitcal cable. This outfit was last used in Sept. 2005 in the Turks. It all worked fine. I've included a few pictures from that trip. They were all shot with jpeg and are straight from the camera with no photoshop. The pt-010 has been on about 5 week long dive trips and a trip down the grand canyon.

    I think I need to add the diffuser for the strobe.

    I now have a Nikon D50 which I use on land. It's a great camera and my first SLR (digital or not). I love the fast response. I have no plans on putting this camera in the water. It would cost too much and I don't do enough UW photography to justify it. I actually bought the C3000 without thinking about underwater. I later found out that olympus had a housing. I bought the pt-010 grey market before they were available in the US. I have serviced it myself once, taking out all the buttons and cleaning and greasing all the O-rings. That's pretty much my photo history.


    While I love the D50, I miss the ability to take short videos and having a camera small enough to slip in a pocket. So, I decided to get a small P&S. I was not thinking about underwater, but then I read about the Fuji F30. I really like the fast shutter times that folks are reporting. I realize it won't do RAW, but I've done without it so far, so that's not a big deal to me. The biggest issue is lack of full manual control. I use the C4000 on manual with F5.0 and 1/100 shutter. I understand that the F30 has aperture priority or shutter priority, but not full manual. Will this be a big problem with my SL960D slave strobe? Also, does the F30 always have the same number of preflashes? The SL960D is very flexible in this regard, but the number must be constant.

    I like what I've read about the F30, but I also like the Olympus 720SW for the fact that its waterproof to a few feet. I wouldn't take it underwater, but not having to worry about it getting splashed or salt spray is nice.

    The big advantage I see to the F30 is the faster shutter response. I have many pictures of fish tales.


    Would it make more sense to get a wide angle lense for the pt-010? Would it be compatible with the Fuji housing?


    I realize that was long and rambling. Any advice is appreciated.






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