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  1. Do you have a Sea & Sea YS-110 TTL strobe that was fl***ed or otherwise rendered inoperative? Want to sell it (cheap)? I don't need the strobe to work (don't care about the electronics), but I do need it to be intact. I plan to use some of the plastic parts from it on a project, so if the strobe was run over by a truck, it won't help me. If you have a fried YS-110 that you are using as a door stop, maybe we can make a deal.
  2. bama


    Depressing story here about dynamite fishing near Komodo http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/feedarticle/10204350
  3. Plan to focus on macro stuff. Visibility is usually good but not spectacular, limiting wide-angle scenic shots. You are unlikely to see many big animals (maybe a tarpon, eagle ray, or hawksbill here and there), but it is a macro wonderland. One site with unique opportunities is Salt Pier although you now are required to have a guide. The other opportunity to consider is to hire a guide and do some dives on the "wild" east coast. Surf can be very rough and you really need some local knowledge, but the reefs are pristine. The topside photography is pretty good, too, if you are interested in that. Lots of cool birds and lizards.
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