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  1. Proud new owner of Ike setup for ND80... Local lake dive site just went off limits due to drought conditions and work on the Dam. Naturally this was right before I could "dry dive" the housing and strobe setup. I have access to a pool at 12' in depth. Question is... can I have confidence in the setup if I only check it out in the pool environment. Locally there are two schools of thought on this (shallow will uncover any issues or must have depth/pressure to uncover any issues). Heading out for a Florida trip in a couple of weeks and would like to verify as much as possible before the trip so I can maximize my dives while on the trip. Any input would be appreciated
  2. So much for the best laid plans of mice and men. I guess this means I need to re-submit my plan to the chief finanical officer....
  3. Getting ready to order some stobes for my D80/Ike setup. Looking at the 125's or 200's. I will run TTL in the water but,,, my question is can they be used topside effectively with the EV controller for a home studio application. I realize that I will give up the TTL topside but it is not as big of a concern as exposure is a little easier to handle topside vs. underwater. I tried a few search patterns on the forum but did not find anything. Anyone had any experience with this. ie. will the controllers slave at distance, is strobe power sufficient, will heat harm the stobes without them being in water, etc. Any info would be appreciated as this purchase would be an easier sell to the home financial officer..... if they could serve double duty.....Thanks
  4. After several years of shooting OLY P&S's underwater I've committed to make the plunge into the SLR realm. Mortage the house and here we go. Ikelite and Nikon are the choice. Not concerned with the "soft side" (memory, card readers, software) got that covered. Main concerns are.... have I missed something important and do all these pieces "play well together". Yes only one strobe..for now..The wife had to win one argument. Thanks for any input. D80 Nikon 12-24mm Nikon 60mm Ike Part # Housing 6808.1 4.125" Flat Port 5502.41 8" Dome 5510.45 Port Body 12-24 5510.22 DS 125 package 3944.75 Strobe Orings 0132.36 Sync Orings 0136.13 House&Port Orings 5512.68
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