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  1. Pavel / Chris Thanks very much for your feedback it look as if I have some work to do. Cheers
  2. Hi there I am after some supportive wisdom re. TTL With Aquatica AD800 Housing. I have always had a niggling concern about the TTL strobes (which usually disappears after the first post dive beer is consumed) . Whilst I am getting some pretty good pictures with my rig I don’t feel that the TTL function is woking for the strobes. My kit is: Nikon D800 Aquatica AD 800 housing (I have all 4 dip-switces set to the ON position) 2 * Ikelite DS161 Strobes Ikelite 4103.52 cable from housing to strobes (just the cable no additional convertor etc. - though I believe the housing has one in it) The dip switches in the housing are set to ON position. Strobes set to TTL I do nothing specific to the Nikon D800 (just assume it will work TTL mode with the DS161s) Are there any obvious things for me to check / do to get this working or convince myself that all is well? It may be something to do with camera flat sync settings but that is stretching my knowledge. Any help gratefully received. Thanks Alan
  3. Hi all Alan from Portsmouth (UK) here. I've been diving for about 20 years and taking pictures for about 10. Love the Pacific - especially Socorro (been 10 times) / Sea of Cortez. You can't beat those Socorro mantas :-) I use: Nikon D800 Aquatica AD 800 Housing 2 * Ikelite DS161 Strobes Never have enough time to learn new stuff so trying to tap into the experts at Wet Pixel so I can improve my photography Look forward to talking with you and maybe meeting on future trips. Regards Alan White
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