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  1. The one retailer here specifically selling strobes and other underwater gear would have charged me an extra 550 for the two strobes vs importing from Japan and paying gst and biosecurity levies. Sometimes living here sucks, bur I have also not seen many people diving here with more than just a compact camera and housing. So perhaps it's a very low volume market. I will check Aus for nauticam products. I very much wanting a housing that is comfortable to use underwater above all else. I don't understand why horizontal shutter levers aren't more common on housings! Of I can get the Olympus for cheaper than the Sony I will definitely go that route as it does seem like a very capable camera and 20mp is about where I want it for printing. Thanks!
  2. Possibly. It's not as cheap as it might seem though, because I do get taxed on the items if bringing them home with me. But I will think about this if I want to upgrade around a known holiday period
  3. Yeah, grey prices for the Olympus start around 2100. 1600 for thr Sony. Non-grey is around 3000 for the Olympus and 1800 for the Sony. Talking body only here as I am not too interested in getting kit lenses. Housings also aren't cheaper, with the Fantasea 6500 housing being about 2000. The Olympus housing is in a similar price range but looks like a worse housing, and the only other I can find with similar ergonomics and features requires stepping up to the Nauticam housings. They look like great housings, just not sure if I can afford them especially if buying the camera new. Regarding the limitation of the 90mm lens, I am resigning myself to planning what I want before the dives. If it's a known drift dive I will be taking wide angle, if I muck diving sticking with a macro. Ideally I would be able to do fish portraits too so it's possible I can use a diopter with the 50mm macro and still get good results but I don't expect to be able to be that flexible on dives, and know from experience that on dives where the large creatures come out I don't do much macro photography anyway.
  4. Thanks everyone! I'm considering the Olympus em1 Mark 2 system because it does look really good for macro and decent for wide angle. However, the Sony a6500 is considerably cheaper than the Olympus by a few thousand NZD. My concern about the a6500 is now the maximum sync speed of 1/160. It looks like it's capable of doing wide angle shots and sunballs even if it being more difficult than a faster shutter speed. Can anybody comment about the 1/160 shutter speed limitation for macro and whether or not it's an obvious limitation?
  5. Hi there. Thanks for the suggestions. I will look into some M43 cameras again. The 16MP Olympus has been a little off-putting largely due to the fact that it doesn't feel that much better than my 12. While 12 is fine for smaller wall prints, I am looking for something that can also take shots that look great at larger sizes. The ability to crop images freely would also be nice.
  6. Hi there. The A7Riii is currently around $4300 for body only, while the A7Rii is 2.5. i would likely be using the same lens for macro on both, the 90mm. So I am curious where you think the cost evens out? Could you elaborate on what you mean by Sony isn't known for super fast macro focusing? How is a DSLR better? I have also been considering a Nikon D810 as it's in my budget range, but have been put off by autofocus reports (I thoroughly love the image quality produced though). Housing costs will probably be more and i don't have any idea what lenses would be worth using. I'm a little hesitant to go for M43 simply because of the sensor size being quite small. And the Nikon Z range is more than most people here in New Zealand pay for their car.
  7. Hi folks I'm considering a replacement for my TG-5, owing to the low resolution (12mp) which hinders my printing ability for photos, and lack of manual controls to customise my shots. I'm mostly interested in macro but am also keen to do some wide angle depending on what the focal points of a dive involve. With that in mind I'm eyeing up a Sony a6400 or A7Rii, the latter being a bit more expensive. The 6400 has better autofocus but much lower resolution and APS-c vs Full Frame may provide other advantages. My current camera however, has neither powerful autofocus or significant resolving power. So I'm curious what people here have to say about the merits of either for macro work and possibly wide angle too. I'm also open to other suggestions for models I may not have considered. Cheers!
  8. Hi there. I'm relatively new to underwater photography, having just got my first lighting set. Signing up here so I can ask questions from more experienced members
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