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    Nauticam NA-G9
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  1. Thanks for all this informations, im sure it helps me a lot. I already have the Olympus 60mm Macro, so is it possible to use this with the WWL-1? Its not in the Port Chart but maybe someone has tryed it already? Sometimes i want to change the Lens depend on the dive but it ok if i can only use the 60mm with CMCs Thanks so far!
  2. I want to sell my Nauticam Housing NA-GH3 wich fits for the Panasonic GH4 as well include the Nauticam 6'' Wideangle Port (with light scratches) with focus knob. Price 1250€ Located in Germany
  3. Hello, has anyone an idea how i can get more magnification wit CMC-1 and CMC-2 Wetlenses from Nauticam. i use the Lumix G9 in Nauticam Housing with Olympus 14-42mm Lene. My Plan is to make close ups from Skeleton Shrimp or costesielle (shawn the sheep nudi)
  4. Anyone use a Gorillapod with Ballhead for Underwater Macro? Im not sure about the legs for fine adjustment for Macro stuff.
  5. Hello, i use a Lumix G9 in a Nauticam Housing. I hope to learn a lot here and get inspiration. cheers
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