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  1. Nice video, Bonaire truly is a great relaxing place to dive. What setup were you using to film this? Steve
  2. If video is really important to you make sure to keep maximum file sizes in mind. A lot of the Canon A series takes video until your storage fills up OR until the filesize is 1GB which is only 8 mins using 640x480 30fps. Most Canon's don't allow optical zoom during video only digital zooming. dpreview mentions the 1GB limit but it's hidden in the details. I found that www.dcresource.com reviews discuss movie mode in more detail. Sorry, more details to be overwhelmed about :-)
  3. Just got the Wide Angle lens, still looking for the Macro lens and strobe.
  4. Cross-post from Scubaboard. I'm looking to outfit my Canon with an Inon setup. If anyone is willing to part with their Inon 67mm Lenses and/or Z-240 Strobe let me know! Thanks.
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