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  1. Agree. I would be happy to film using my ATOMOS ninja inferno with 10 bit 60p, but Nauticam gave me a big pig with non compatible HDMI 1.4 cable, unable to record more than 30p.
  2. No, it does not. May be they said that in a press release, but it is a lie, I always have the latest firmware, and AF is bad, really bad. Panasonic did not fix anything. But AF works much better with an "old 179d trick". GH5 AF is still a sh..t, but I need it to film an action, not for macro in ideal waters. Last time I filmed the orcas at Norway: low light, low temperature, I set 4K 10bit 24p to give more light for the sensor, AF can not focus OK in such conditions, and only GoPro7 saved my life. 4K60p did all the work better with all the rest of restrictions.
  3. Of course it does make sense only when it will be slowed down from 60p back to 30p, I always use 60p on my GH5 for many reasons. Also AF works much better with 179d only at 60p (actually AF on GH5 is a sh..t)
  4. Hahahaha, I have to sell my "old" NA-GH5 because it is not compatible with Ninja V housing, they made new housing for GH5 to use it with ninja V, hahaha. Market rules.
  5. Agree with that, I almost stopped to use 10bit, does not make any sense to me, it will not fix white balance and does not give much advantages for color correction. 8bit 60p gives me more freedom and ability to work with smooth footages than 10 bit 30p. So it does not make any sense to use FHD, because 4K is a huge quality improvement.
  6. No problem to combine, but I would suggest you to use Davinci Resolve instead of Adobe PP, it is free and has much better UI and colometric tools to work with videos. But it does really big difference between 30 and 60 and much better fluid motion, and less shaking footage at the end. GH5 for example has many options of bitrates to select and 60p for 4K and 2-180p FHD of course.
  7. My short film from this Jan 2019 trip. Music & Video by Will Falcon (Vitaliy-Sokol.com) Thanks for watching
  8. Did You just spend the money before had got to know it? Sad.
  9. Hi buddy, I have not any experience with Nauticam's housing for external recorder because I didn't buy it yet (here in Russia it may cost me around $5000 for housing itself) for a reason I described - it can not record 4K60-10bit with native cable they provide, so it does not make any sense to use it until Nauticam get fixed their 'cable issue' in the factory but not DIY. I had a long conversations with Nauticam's guys with no luck. Or I have to find a way to replace HDMI (A-A) cable to high speed one with an adapter, nauticam's hole is not big enough to put HDMI-A (Full size) connector through it. For this moment I just have Atomos Ninja Inferno and GH5 and NA-GH5 housing and use GH5 without an external underwater monitor. I have an experience to use different HDMI cables with GH5+Ninja Inferno in my studio not underwater. So both (Atomos) cables I have are quite expensive ~$150 vs $50, and $50 cable does not support 4K60-10bit, but 4K60-8bit does. The $150 cable is OK https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2209411635756424&set=a.177517785612496&type=3&permPage=1 I have two more chinese s**t cables I bought at AliExpress for my experiments and they just don't work and show me black screen. ---- Also I have complains about another issue that Nauticam has and doesn't want to admit and fix - TERRIBLE reflections in conrtlight from shining black surface that covering their DOME. I described it here: https://www.facebook.com/VitalySokol/posts/2112898938741028 For now I use black velvet to cover backsurface (such as SeaCam's domes have), but I have to find good material and replace my old solution - it showes me black corners in 7mm focal length. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2256111124419808&set=a.177517785612496&type=3&permPage=1 To Panasonic as well =))) https://www.facebook.com/VitalySokol/videos/2122858431078412/
  10. Hi guys, looking for solution that can support 4K60 10-bit for my Atomos Ninja Inferno recorder with GH5. I currently have NA-GH5 housing but Nauticam housing for Ninja Inferno does not support HDMI 2.0 for 4K60 10-bit It can handle HDMI 1.4 that can record 4K60 8bit, OR (but not AND) 4K30 10-bit ONLY. Just because of their cable. Any ideas?
  11. Is there a solution that support 4K60 10-bit? Nauticam housing (SKU # 17909) for my Atomos Ninja Inferno DOES NOT support 4K60 10-bit, 4K60 8-bit and 4K30-10bit ONLY!!! Not 4K-60-10bit. I did ask Nauticam management before I was planning to buy and they confirm that. It is because of HDMI cable, their version supports HDMI 1.4, but for 4K-60-10bit it requires 2.0 at least So, looking forward and still trying to find a solution.
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