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  1. Reducing asking price to $2000 for both lights -- willing to entertain offers as well.
  2. For what it's worth I've been shooting a Z6II with FTZ and 8-15 fisheye -- I'm 100% satisfied with how quickly it locks focus! I don't think we will see a native Z-mount fisheye for several years (if ever) as it's never been on Nikon lens roadmap
  3. I have a couple Light & Motion Sola Video Pro 12K lights up for sale. They are beautiful lights, always rinsed and well taken care of, only have a few dozen dives on them. They are used and have a few scratches on the body but the front elements are flawless. I honestly hate to sell them but I have a project coming up in 120ish meters and they are only rated to 100 meters depth. Price is $2100 + shipping for both lights. Image links below. https://photos.app.goo.gl/5wUvfkvdSKZXDTM97 https://photos.app.goo.gl/JsvZc5HwXic3C3h59 https://photos.app.goo.gl/sXfHSDPPv1nNiKtbA
  4. If you guys want photos of any part of the Nauticam Z7ii housing I'd be happy to snap some for you
  5. Would like to get this outta here -- asking price updated to $3000 obo for everything.
  6. I don't have any problem shipping to the UK. As far as a vacuum valve I moved it to another setup so it's not included with everything. I'm not sure how I feel about sharing pictures, simply because I'm not all that great lol. I'll direct message you a link to some pictures and video screen grabs.
  7. Complete setup for wide angle shooting with Sony A6500 with Nauticam NA-A6500 housing -- just need to bring your own lights. Lightly used with only a couple dozen dives on it, always given a fresh water soak after dives. Included is: Sony A6500 Canon EF mount to Sony E-mount Metabones adapter Tokina 10-17 for Canon EF mount Nauticam NA-A6500 Zen 100mm glass dome (has one tiny scratch on the side, not noticeable in images) Zoom ring for Tokina 10-17 (Nauticam 19127 TN1017-Z) N85 - N120 50mm port adapter (Nauticam 36206) -- port adapter has a small scratch on the bottom Nauticam battery pack and cable for NA6500 (not pictured) Pictures below -- looking to get $3500 or best offer. I have original boxes for everything except the Tokina lens. May be willing to split items as long as the housing goes first.
  8. That's too bad -- especially given that the mirrorless cameras are really beginning to excel at video.
  9. I heard that the reason for the housing being bigger than expected was due to needing to get the FTZ adapter(with it's built-in tripod foot!) in there to accommodate F mount lenses.
  10. Hello everyone! As the username implies my name is Joe and I'm from New Jersey, USA. Been dabbling in UW photography for a little while but got a little distracted with deep CCR diving these past few years. This year I'm making photos my top priority -- excited to be a part of the wetpixel community!
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