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  1. I recommend Espen Rekdals article about his experiences with the D4 in Nauticam Housing: http://www.espenrekd...=104&itemid=104
  2. The fisheye fix 3500 might be a good choice. I have not had the opportunity to test any yet...but i will it looks good
  3. We have sendt emailS regerarly since december. We are waiting for orders that is allready paid, and we have ordered new products. No replay after many emails. We wondered if somthing has happend to the company? Anybody that can help us out?
  4. Hello can anyone help me out? I have tried the last month to get in touch with them without results. Does anybody know where they are and how I can get in touch with them? Lasse
  5. Hello We are planning a group trip to Indonesia. We are discussing if we should divide the trip between diving in Lembeh and some days in Bunaken/Siladen. Or maybe should we stay the entire trip in Lembeh and try to arrange trips to the North/South of Lembeh strait or also to the east side of Lembeh Island for Reef and Coral diving. Is it anybody with experience in this? The group will probably be mostly photographers. We have been looking at KBR, Lembeh Resort and NAD and also Siladen Island resort. Does anybody have any recommendation or experience with this places. Is it worth the money staying on KBR or Lembeh Reswort compared to NAD lembeh? Please help us out Regards Lasse
  6. Hyperjuice is your solution http://www.hypershop.com/HyperJuice-Extern...ne-USB-s/91.htm Lasse
  7. Does any know if it is anybody producing and selling high quality polecams for use with Aquatica D3S camerahousing? Aquticas model is not finished yet and Im looking for alternatives. I want to remotely control the camera inside the housing with the hdmi connector. Has anybody found a solution how I can do that? Regards Lasse
  8. You should also consider the new fisheye Aquavolt 5000. Its available in beginning of august: http://www.fisheye-jp.com/english/products...5000/index.html Lasse
  9. If I was goin to spend a lot of money on a new video ligth I would check out the new fisheye Aquavolt that is just around the corner. It has very god specs 4500 lumen - adjustable 80 min burntime
  10. Yes it is from your workshop in Gulen last year. Here I,m from the workshop this year. Nauticam D300S, Inon Z240, Zen minidome Bjørnar gives everything to frame this Scorpionfish at Gulen, Norway with his Aquatica and Inon flashes. Christian Skauge watches the deep sea jellyfish Periphylla, periphylla at Gulen , Norway Lasse Iversen
  11. Send some thoughts to the lonly cave diver trapped behind a landslide and the multinational rescue teams working hard to rescue him. Come on guys ... hang in there Read more More in French Lasse
  12. Unfortunally, I'm a Nikon guy with Nikonos connector. Maybe sombody wants to trade with some more travelfriendly Inon Z240? Lasse
  13. Hello! Im looking for a pair of powerfull subtronic flashes for my wide angle photography. Is it anyone that has a pair laying around. Also interested in old ones in good condition. Regards Lasse
  14. Thank you all for nice comments! If you wants to visit, please contact me. I can point you in the right directions. I have got some pms from fellow photographers asking about what equipment i have used on this photos: Nikon D300S in Nauticam housing, Dual Inon z 240, Fisheye fix led 1000 focus light, Tokina 10-17 for the wideangle shots, Nikon 105 mm macro for the rest. Lasse
  15. yep, this time it is the zipper on shoulder that is leaking - and yes as always the water are collected in the groin area...... L
  16. Nærøy dykk - http://www.ndive.no/index.php is a nice dive centre. Good boat, huge kompressor, nice rooms to stay. Their website is not updated, and lacks a lot of information, but you have theire contact email and phone. L
  17. In the last weeks i have been diving in Nærøy in mid Norway. We have beautifull green water diving here. Multiple wrecks , fresh kelp and a lot of fishlife. What do you guys think? Attached a map since many of you dont know where this is Diving from the old lighthouse pier i Nærøy Diving in the magic hours when the sun settles and you get this moody light... Last in line - following the rebreather divers. Too busy reading their instruments too see the beauty around them... Nothing is like drifting along in clear cold Norwegian waters with fresh crisp kelp ,and a little sunshine from above... Exploring the wreck of the steamboat "Nerva" today. The boat sunk in 1943 and we had quite good conditions except a leak in my drysuit : ( Tiny baby lumpsucker
  18. Anyone got any experience with the Contour HD camera? http://www.emeralddiving.com/H2OV.html L
  19. Check out Basecamp explorer. their eco camps are great. Game walk on foot with the Mazai warriors is a great experience. http://www.basecampexplorer.com/our_destinations/masai_mara I did gorilla trekking in Uganda - Bwindi Impenetrable National Park 12 years ago. a truly remarkable experience. http://www.xasafaris.com/ http://vagabonding.com/travelogue/000099.html Lasse
  20. http://www.aquaphoto.no/index.php?page=sho...&Itemid=251
  21. Here are their tec info. Very good light and value for money http://www.brightstar.com.tw/product_info_e.php?UID=860
  22. If you are looking at Intova, you should also look at the new Darkbuster 12 Led. More than 700 lumens delivered with a difuser, and possible to buy mounts that fit most camera/video arms. Better specs than the Intova. 4 hour burn time, Li-ion batteries and recharging without opening the light Lasse
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