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  1. thanks guys for your quick and informative responses, just what i was looking for in trying to make a decision! Tim, I've got an Olympus TG5 with the Olympus PT-058 housing. Mr. Weybridge UK, what make and model is the tray you have to sell? pics?
  2. What tray do you use with your ULCS arms?
  3. Thanks for the info Tim! Do you have an idea as to how many floats I will need? Olympus TG5 with Olympus housing, kraken 3500+ light on the cold shoe, and then double D2J strobes, 8+5 arms.
  4. Does anyone have an opinion on brand of a tray & arms? Currently considering the Kraken TR06 tray with 8+5 arms & the Nauticam Flexitray with 8+5 arms. Ive also read where the ULCS arms are great as well. Thoughts on brand, price, and durability of each? Can you mix and match different brand of tray with different brand of arms?
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