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  1. Wow, I just spent the last hour on your youtube channel. This is the type work I aspire to be able to do. Your video is great. Crisp subjects, great lighting, very well edited. I went through your videos and right around the 2017 Coz video The quality of your videos took on a whole new level of production. What did you do differently then?
  2. https://www.amazon.com/Wheel-Weights-0-25-Stick-Adhesive/dp/B016AY25PW Something like these stuck onto the bottom of your dome hood.
  3. I would think this has to do with the difference in color temp between the strobes. I had a similar issue when I was shooting some video with two different video lights by different manufacturers. There was a distinct color cast difference between the left and right side of the video. If I got one side balance correctly the other side was greenish. If I corrected the green I the other side went magenta, I think. It is cumbersome to correct in post requiring masks to individually balance different parts. If that is the issue I see two options: Shoot with all the same strobes or find a different remote one that you can confirm have the same color temp Try to correct the difference with gel lighting filters sold by Lee and Rosco
  4. Hi sorry just saw this reply. I was looking for one but found one last week or I would have bought yours. If you want to separate that tray Ill buy it for the right price.
  5. Ah yes, now. In time things will pop up I'm sure. When I originally decided to set up a proper diving kit I wanted to use my GX85 that I have had for a few years. I could not find any second hand housings so I grabbed a deal on a RX100V setup to get me up and running until I could find something. I had to wait around for about 10 months until I found a housing for my GX85, and recently got one. Finding the camera isn't so hard so I will just wait until deals on a housing can be had. Most everything else outside a port or two I have already.
  6. I'm just north of ATL myself. I am just getting rigged up with a GX85, but G9 is on my watch list. I usually stay a few versions back myself to keep the costs down and to get second hand pieces.
  7. They do have a V5 out now. Email Miso and ask him about it. I think he may have just been beta testing it, but some members here have gotten it an like it. Do a search here and you can see what the new features are.
  8. The sentinel is well regarded here. I do not have one myself but from what I have read you cant go wrong with the latest V5. 16" arms are huge. I think you would get more flexibility with two arms on each side. I personally use a 5" + 8" on each side.
  9. I think the answer will depend on what you mean by underwater photography. Carrying a gopro on a stick is a very different thing than diving with a full kit with tray and dual lights and strobes, with macro and WA swap-able lenses. The amount of dive time will also vary by person. Before you branch out from gopros I would say you need to be able to do a few things consistently and without much thought. Buoyancy is key. You need to be able to maintain your buoyancy even when other things are happening to divert your attention. Particularly early on with photography, trying to figure out the settings and just working the camera takes a lot of focus and with newer divers once they pay attention to that, buoyancy and situational awarness start to fall apart. Once you can keep buoyancy when task loaded that's one sign you are ready Situational awareness. Photography can consume most of the attention your brain can give it until certain things become ingrained through experience and muscle memory. That goes for the physical muscle memory of working your gear and your camera as well as the familiarity to be able to do both without much thought. You should be able to function all your normal dive gear quickly and easily without much thought. S drills, lost mask, reg recovery, etc should be very proficient, and you can do them at any time. Adding a camera system in the middle of these can cause real problems if this isn't able to be handled quickly and easily without much thought. It really helps to get very very familiar with any camera system on the surface, and then with a few shallow dives to work out where your problem areas will be. Each person is going to reach this experience level at different times so its hard to say X number of dives will get you there. If you are diving with a group of divers and one or more is mentoring you, ask them to help you work on some task loading exercises, and work through any buoyancy issues when doing them. You can work on camera familiarity on land. Also if someone in your group shoots, see if you can buddy with them and them let you shoot on a dive to see where you are. If things get to be too much work out a plan to just hand stuff off.
  10. I saw your post on the Oly kit on SB. Sorry to hear about your knee. Are there things you don't like about the Sony? It may help others make better recommendations. I have an RX100V myself, and my main complaint is the inability of it to WB so ambient is really not possible to get good results with video. For that reason I am setting up a Panasonic I had to see if I like it better. Along those lines I think LX10 would be the popular panasonic compact choice, and for MFT interchangeable lenses the G9 would be the next step up. GH5 would be the next step up. Moving up in the bodies doesn't add that much weight and size, but the lights, strobes, arms, lenses and ports is where the bulk and weight start adding up, but you knew that.
  11. Looking for #36139 N85 Macro 35 port with or without gear for 14-42 Panasonic #36057 and/or #36165 N85 Macro 29 port with or without gear for 12-32 Panasonic #36046
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