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  1. I'm curious as to why you don't want to use arms unless it is just because of the bulk of them? You can use Stix as mentioned to affix to parts of your tray. Arms would get them in a position above the center of gravity though. With floats affixed to the bottom you will potentially be fighting roll with the camera. It is usually easier to manage tweaking the buoyancy if the lift is above the camera, think of hanging the camera from an air bubble verse balancing the camera on the bubble. To keep things more compact , you can add two clamps and a single arm between the balls and add Stix floats to it to achieve the buoyancy you need. I Use PVC sponge net floats https://www.memphisnet.net/category/floats-pvc which are dirt cheap, come in various sizes, can be cut and drilled to fine tune or fit onto arm section. I have experienced no compression issues with these over repeated dives. Maybe over time they will break down, but I have not noticed any degradation. If they do I'll just replace with more as they are so cheap. They do not look neat and polished though, but I'm ok with that, the fish don't care.
  2. This would be a fantastic improvement. Nauticam could have modified rear doors that accomplish this. My GX85 has the screen slightly tilted out at roughly 5% when in the tray and housing. That may help some but with the rear door still in a vertical plane the benefit is negligble. If the tray was modified and the rear door had the view panel at a 45 degree angle that would be fantastic.
  3. Can you reproduce it in a bathtub or pool? Maybe you could take a video of what happens and get Input from Nauticam.
  4. That would certainly be nice. My 3 year old i7 can barley play 4k. I haven't tried to edit any. Maybe there are sampling rates that make editing a lighter workload.
  5. Going to need a cluster of servers to do any processing.
  6. It is not a camera I have seen any using. Have you found a housing that would fit it? All I see are the bag types which I would not recommend. You are probably better off starting off with an Olympus TG-6.
  7. Great idea. Two topics I'd like to see if you could cover: 1 Tripods. Options for stable platforms available from ready made to DIY. The use of tripods in different environments. 2 Getting under your subject. I don't have a 45 degree view finder yet, so I find it challenging sometimes on a reef or tight spot to get on eye level or under a subject to shoot up. Can you cover this subject with any tips, tricks, or techniques you have learned?
  8. I humbly submit these as I know I am not on the level of many in here. It is a constant road of improvement. These three were diving in Roatan with dive shop Dive Pangea on the East end of the island located on Camp Bay Beach. I really like trunk fish. This first one I tried to juxtapose a old hook the size of my hand caught on the reef against two tiny trunk fish. This next guy was just trying to find a place to tuck in away from me, but let me hang around and shoot for some time. End of Dive about to head up Anyone that has dived the East End knows how quiet and slow paced it is. Dive Pangea is a great place for photographers. Chrissie lets you linger as long as you want on subjects, the pace and length of the dive are discussed beforehand and how and where you go or what you want to focus on is up to you. The DM's are top notch at spotting subjects too. I will be back here. I will give a little plug if anyone wants to help out this small close knit and warm community. Chrissie at Dive Pangea, and the owners of Camp Bay lodge right next door have setup a gofundme to help the Camp Bay community get by for now since they rely almost 100% on tourism. https://www.gofundme.com/f/coronavirus-relief-for-camp-bay-roatan?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link-tip&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet https://www.gofundme.com/f/coronavirus-relief-for-camp-bay-roatan?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link-tip&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet https://www.gofundme.com/f/coronavirus-relief-for-camp-bay-roatan These next three were post certification dives in Florida, Morrison Springs giving her an opportunity to gain some more experience
  9. I use one like this but mine has a boltsnap in place of the caribiner. https://www.amazon.com/MagiDeal-Stainless-Lanyard-Release-Underwater/dp/B072MVDXVY
  10. I have read many people say that one of their best purchases was a 45 Veiwfinder. I have also read that the first several dives with them are very frustrating. Outside of when you want the camera down low and cant get your body into position to see the live view screen are there other benefits I am not considering to them? Are there settings you can see in the VF that you cant see on the screen? What makes them so frustrating at first?
  11. While nowhere near those $$ amounts. I had non refundable travel to the Cayman's in a week to Sunset House. I think they have been very reasonable in offering to let me reschedule my travel out to anywhere within a year of my original booking. I moved it 7 months out and hope the general level of chaos will be subsided by then.
  12. Share what you do if you get a good Idea. I need to find a better solution for mine.
  13. Are you using a tripod or all handheld with IBIS?
  14. I am switching from Sony RX100V to a Panasonic GX85. While not on the same level as the GH5 it should be a great improvement in some areas. At least that's my hope.
  15. Wow, I just spent the last hour on your youtube channel. This is the type work I aspire to be able to do. Your video is great. Crisp subjects, great lighting, very well edited. I went through your videos and right around the 2017 Coz video The quality of your videos took on a whole new level of production. What did you do differently then?
  16. https://www.amazon.com/Wheel-Weights-0-25-Stick-Adhesive/dp/B016AY25PW Something like these stuck onto the bottom of your dome hood.
  17. I would think this has to do with the difference in color temp between the strobes. I had a similar issue when I was shooting some video with two different video lights by different manufacturers. There was a distinct color cast difference between the left and right side of the video. If I got one side balance correctly the other side was greenish. If I corrected the green I the other side went magenta, I think. It is cumbersome to correct in post requiring masks to individually balance different parts. If that is the issue I see two options: Shoot with all the same strobes or find a different remote one that you can confirm have the same color temp Try to correct the difference with gel lighting filters sold by Lee and Rosco
  18. Hi sorry just saw this reply. I was looking for one but found one last week or I would have bought yours. If you want to separate that tray Ill buy it for the right price.
  19. Ah yes, now. In time things will pop up I'm sure. When I originally decided to set up a proper diving kit I wanted to use my GX85 that I have had for a few years. I could not find any second hand housings so I grabbed a deal on a RX100V setup to get me up and running until I could find something. I had to wait around for about 10 months until I found a housing for my GX85, and recently got one. Finding the camera isn't so hard so I will just wait until deals on a housing can be had. Most everything else outside a port or two I have already.
  20. I'm just north of ATL myself. I am just getting rigged up with a GX85, but G9 is on my watch list. I usually stay a few versions back myself to keep the costs down and to get second hand pieces.
  21. They do have a V5 out now. Email Miso and ask him about it. I think he may have just been beta testing it, but some members here have gotten it an like it. Do a search here and you can see what the new features are.
  22. The sentinel is well regarded here. I do not have one myself but from what I have read you cant go wrong with the latest V5. 16" arms are huge. I think you would get more flexibility with two arms on each side. I personally use a 5" + 8" on each side.
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