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  1. Great to know about FF vs not while underwater. I think I will keep thinking and decide either on a compact with wet wide angle lens or the bulkier/more expensive a6000 and 10-18 or 16mm with fisheye converter. I still like the idea of the pistol grip above 20m, but the cost savings and convenience of a compact are appealing. I need to think more about the kind of shooting I'll do. Thanks to all
  2. I hadn't realized other companies were getting into full frame mirrorless, I'll take a look at sizes and housings. Thanks again for all this info - super helpful.
  3. Thank you both for your insights so far - I'll take a closer look at some images and ask around to see what other divers are using in cenotes. I think I will end up with either a compact with wet lens (any suggestions here that include a pistol grip?) or the salted line set up as described above with either a 10-18 in a 4 or 6 inch dome or the SEL16F28+VCL-ECF1 combination, or an adapted Tokina 10-17mm, though I will also look into other brands with native fisheyes per Chris. My only hesitation with that is I see sony a7r as top of the line non-dslr. I will never take a dslr underwater (size), so I figure I should get used to sony cameras? Is this a bad way of thinking? Thanks again to both of you for the insights. Oh and as far as the compacts that don't require a case eg. tg-5, - I'll be diving much deeper than the recommended limit, so a camera + housing is definitely necessary!
  4. Hi there, I've been reading these forums for the past few weeks getting ready to jump into uw photography, I've learned a lot - thanks to everyone who contributes. I am looking for advice on the specific kind of diving I do: I am mainly a freediver and I spend a lot of time in the cenotes of the Yucatan. I have heard with freediving, a vacuum pump system is a good idea due to constant pressure change. Cenotes are dark, but have very clear water and are calm/easy to dive. With those two aspects in mind, I think I have chosen to invest in a Sony a6000 camera to pair with the Meikon salted line. I like the handle with trigger button for freediving, it has a vacuum option, and it is cheap. Choosing a port and lens for this has been problematic, however and I'd love some insight. My subject will almost always be a freediver and the rays of light or cave features that come with a cenote. Sometimes animals in the ocean, but I spend way more time in cenotes. Basically, I am saying I will almost exclusively shoot wide angle. Here are some options I have come up with based on my research. 1. Sony 16mm F2.8 with fisheye converter - cheap, but do I need a fisheye if I'm in a cenote with clear water? Could I just be further away with a nicer wide angle lens? 2. Sony 10-18mm F4 - more expensive but looks nicer. Again, do I need a fisheye? 3. Sony FE 16-35mm F4 - I really like the idea that I will fall in love and one day upgrade to a Sony a7r camera 4. Sony FE 28mm F2 - If I don't need a fisheye would this lens make sense since it is F2 and should gather more light in a dark cenote? Again, I like the idea of one day upgrading to a full frame a7r. I know there is a fisheye conversion for this lens, but sea frogs doesnt have a port that will fit it. 5. Sony E 20mm F2.8 with a wide angle wet lens - Sea frogs has a port with 67mm screw on that this lens fits into. It says macro, but wouldn't a wide angle wet lens also work? Any insights here? Could I get away without using strobes in any of these set ups? It would be nice to not have that extra bulk. Also, I am a beginner. Am I completely off base here? Would a different/cheaper camera option provide better value? I was thinking about one of the nice compacts (tg-5, rx100v, gx 2) with a wide wet lens until I saw how cheap a used sony a6000 is and really liked the trigger handle on the sea frogs salted line. Thanks for taking the time to read/respond!
  5. Hello, looking for some information on an upgrade-able setup thanks
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