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  1. I live in Milan, italy..… the situation is really difficult… only my region(lombardy) today had 146 people dead… the total deaths in lombardy only, is now 890... isn't a joke, i some place(bergamo province) they no longer know where to put the bodies of deceased people... morgues are full… :-( please don't underestimate the situation! ;-)
  2. the 60mm is the best macro lens for m4/3, but remember that 30mm is a lot better in blackwater dives… :-P
  3. i think the same as you… like 3 years ago i run some maximum magnification test with my old diopter +6 and that is correct…. totally useless(also with CMC1)… but this summer after one month of diving in a fucking murky water i leave the flip with the cmc1 on the port and find that there is something interesting… i never take the minimum distance with the 30mm because it' focus really on the glass of the 45 macro port(difficult to light properly the subject)… same with cmc1 on that port.... at the minimum working distance there is no magnification advantage using the CMC1 with the 30mm!! but if you work at a distance of 4 or 5 cm from the port/lens glass(is what i do usually), with cmc1 you get more magnification than the 30mm alone at the same distance…. the main difference is that with 60 macro and cmc1 you have really shallow working distance… you can only get the focus in an almost fixed position… with the 30 and cmc1 you can get focus from the glass to almost 5cm distance… at between 3-5cm from the glass you get a little more magnification with the cmc installed…. under that distance is totally useless i agree that isn't a big advantage… but sometimes is useful… i do some dry test now at home and i confirm that…. :-P
  4. i use oly 60mm and also oly 30mm... love both… i use the macro port 45+ 20mm ring and i can use both lenses with one port… the 20mm ring is the same that i use with 4.33dome and oly fisheye…. the 60mm is my favorite for supermacro(great lens)… and with cmc1 it's perfect…. but the 30mm is really good for snoot photography(easier) and murky waters... its also mandatory for blackwater dives… doing blackwater with 60mm is a real nightmare…. this year i try many config and find that the 30mm with cmc1 give a little magnification too... and cmc1 it's also easier to use with the 30(little more DOF and working distance )... but only the cmc1... in the past i try less powerful diopters and all are useless… someone that love macro need both lenses… IMHO…
  5. ahahah…. mind me…. 1/640 only if there is a lot of light in the frame… ex:shooting CFWA with sunball close to the surface… without light at 1/640 you get the curtain band… ;-) but 1/400 is perfect in every condition…. i shot only single or burst antishock mode…. ;-)
  6. Hi… yes, it's my second year with em1mk2 and the nauticam trigger…. the camera didnt know the trigger is there…. you can go also to 1/1000 but you have half of the photo black…. the camera didn't limit the shutter with the trigger… in macro you can go to 1/400 easily… 500 with a very little crop on the top of the frame…. in wide angle with a lot of light(sun in the frame) and the oly fisheye you can reach 1/640 without cropping…. ;-) when the trigger is on the camera and you open the super control panel SCP(not menus)... the flash modes are marked grey because the camera think there isn't a flash installed… but you can navigate the modes and set also second curtain flash… but only manual modes… ;-) look at the photos in this gallery, many of them are at 1/400.... 2 or 3 at 1/500.... https://www.flickr.com/photos/13930495@N06/albums/72157700564635032 ps:troporobo your FLM3 is dead…. it happens also with FLM2.... :-(
  7. umh... with nauticam flash trigger you can increase the sync speed up to 1/400 and also to 1/500 with a little crop... if the strobes are fast you can do Burst shooting... the button batteries of the trigger have a real long life... with that my camera battery last 3 dives and more.... i use a lot the flm2 and tried the flm3, but now i use only the nauticam trigger.... ps:i have always 2 spare flm3... :-P
  8. as an Italian I have seen many of them… but I also know more than one person who sold it due to small or less small problems.... they are extremely large and heavy ... the last time I saw one with a flat port and a sony a6x00 mirrorless, it looked like a washing machine... my nauticam with omd-em1mk2 was half the size... half! the idea is extremely interesting, but in some cases if you have to keep the focal point in the right place to work with the domes, you won't be able to get the LCD or the vf in the right position and viceversa... the last one I saw had the screen very far away from rear glass(3cm or more)... depend from the size of the camera... my thought is that a single housing cannot properly fix(screen-vf on the back and right focal point on the front) all the cameras on the market(also with 3 housing sizes)... with some camera it will be excellent but with others it will be necessary to compromise ... i dont know if the a7 fit perfectly... I have only one friend who uses it and takes excellent pictures... with both leo2 and leo3.. mostly macro.... it's a canon dslr user... ;-) my two cents...
  9. Omg... Phil are you sure?? My nauticam dealer say that with my oly em1mk2 its possible to overcome 1/250.... 😓😓😓 if isnt possible I dont think to buy it.... 🤔🤔
  10. Hi Phil.... umhhh.... i didn't compare 30mm vs 60mm.... just post shots from both the 30mm on the market... :-) i like more my 60mm with the option of cmc... but sometimes the 30mm its a great option too.... i think on a dive trip my use of macro lenses are 5/1... 5 dives with 60mm vs 1 dive with 30mm..... but when you find the right subject the 30mm its real fun to use... less tricky with bad viz :-) they are like the canikon 100-105mm and 60mm... need both.... arghhh... nice black water photo... :-P which 30mm did you use? pana or oly?
  11. Thanks Tim.. too kind!! i like it too..... ;-) i was there at the right moment... late afternoon close to the sunset.... :-)
  12. grazie a te!! :-P ok not the best shots... but as you see, real macro its possible... panasonic 30mm _8091453 by boletus.italy, su Flickr _8170343 by boletus.italy, su Flickr olympus 30mm _8144323 by boletus.italy, su Flickr _8144418 by boletus.italy, su Flickr
  13. Yes.... is this one... the same 20mm ring that i use with the 4.33 dome and the oly 8mm..... with this extension and the macro port 45 you can accomodate the two 30mm and the 60mm.... but mind me... the oly 30mm its slighty shorter than the panny.... the panny is closer to the port glass... ;-) one of the pros of both 30mm its minimum focus distance... you can get closer to the subject when the viz is bad... less water-less dirt.... i hope to be clear with my spaghetti english... :-P if you like it i can post some shot with both lenses.... ;-)
  14. Drop it on eBay..... 😅😅 https://m.ebay.it/itm/eBayISAPI.dll/263307971049?ul_ref=http%3A%2F%2Frover.ebay.com%2Frover%2F0%2Fe12000.m43.l1123%2F7%3Feuid%3D67d49ec731a040b7b0777987358209d8%26loc%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fcgi.ebay.it%252Fws%252FeBayISAPI.dll%253FViewItem%2526item%253D263307971049%2526ssPageName%253DADME%253AL%253ALCA%253AIT%253A1123%26srcrot%3De12000.m43.l1123%26rvr_id%3D0&_mwBanner=1
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