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  1. Hmm......."surf and splash" doesn't sound too promising. The Fisheye product will probably more appealing, when and if it appears.
  2. Have any of you folks heard any updates. Last I saw was about a month ago that it was on their website, and it still is. Any other word?
  3. Delwagne: Thanks. I noticed your post but it appeared you wanted to sell both strobes and I only need one, and was hoping to find something for a bit less. I sent a PM to ornateghostpipefish with some questions.
  4. I am looking for one of these for my son as a second strobe to pair with his D180. I was going to get him an S2000, but would not mind saving a bit on a used D2000 or alternatively getting him a more powerful Z240 if I can get a good deal on one. If you have one of these that you would like to sell, please let me know. I am looking for somehting in pretty nice shape, not abused, not flooded, etc. Thanks.
  5. Bear in mind that it isn't so much the price of a dslr camera as it is the housing and ports and gears that you will need. There are exceptions, but the housings usually cost far more than the camera and you may well need two lenses and two ports for those lenses. Also consider size. Most dslr/housing/port setups are quite large, compared to a P&S like a G10. perhaps you could rent/borrow/try a dslr before buying.
  6. After seeing one too many nice dive videos I have been bitten by the bug and want to try this out. I have some financial limitations and also size limitations. If I can't carry it on the plane it won't go, so I need something that will be compact. I figure $3,500.00 would be my top end for a housing, port and camera, and less expensive would be better. I would like to try filming without lights, if possible, so good performance in "low" light would be nice. I dive in the Caribbean so usually have clear water. I am sure I would add lights before too long, for night diving if nothing else, but would love to be able to do natural light. I don't need and can't afford the "best" but don't want to get something so cheap I need to move up too soon. I gather some of the lower cost housings limit the ability to do manual white balance, which I gather is important. I shoot RAW for still photos so don't have much problem with white balance there. I don't have the latest/greatest computer, so I gather I might be better off with a DV tape? I was thinking of looking for a good deal on a Sony HC9, maybe used, and would then look for a housing for it later, figuring I could play with it on land before the next dive trip. Maybe I could find a nice used housing as someone moves up to some of the newer camcorders coming out? Another option would be to look at a Canon HF20/200 and their OEM housing, but I worry that this might prove too limiting. Any suggestions or comments on a camera and housing choice would be great. I have searched and researched this, but would still like any suggestions anyone would care to make. Well, after further searching it appears the HC9 and HC7 tend to have problems with white balance using natural light, so these might not be the best choices for what I want. Thanks to those who replied, I appreciate any help. Thank you.
  7. So sorry. I'm guessing a bit of hair or lint that has since gone away.
  8. I tried to subscribe to Dive Chronicles. They took my information and credit card details and said I would receive the current issue in about 2 weeks, but no magazine ever came. About a month later I called and they said they had charged my card and couldn't tell me why I wasn't getting a magazine. I was told someone the person I needed to speak to wasn't available and he or she would call me, but they never did. I emailed them a few weeks later, but got no response. After another couple of weeks I sent an email saying I was going to contest the charge on my card and let people know how bad they were, I got an email from the owner, Brad. He said that contrary to what I had been previously told, they hadn't charged my credit card and asked what my address was. I am not sure how he knew they hadn't charged me since he didn't know my address. I promptly replied and was so shocked by the prompt reply and the owner's promise that he would look into this that I apologized for my harsh tone. That was two weeks ago and Dive Chronicles is missing in action again. I sent another email 2 days ago but I don't care anymore and don't even want the subscription now. I am trying to go through my charge card bills now to see if I was charged or not. It's probably too late to contest the charge if it was made. Thankfully, not much money was involved. Avoid them, they either are not an ethical business or are very poorly run. I don't think they even deserve their B- rating with the Better Business Bureau. Thankfully, its not like I advertised with them or entered a contest or something.
  9. Even if you soak it and dry it and it works, you will not know for how long, and would never want to take it on a dive, so really it would be no more useful than if it were dead. I would trash it. I suppose you could sell it on ebay in case someone wants it for parts, but personally, I would worry that some less-than-honest person would then try to resell it to someone else fraudulently. Could it have flooded in a rinse tank before it was handed to you? I haven't had a flood so I don't know, but it seems odd to have been that wet by the time you got to the bow while still on the surface. Sorry this happened. What housing?
  10. Your information raises some more questions in my mind, but you are right, I unintentionally sort of hijacked the thread so I guess I will save them for another time. Thanks for your input thus far.
  11. I could certainly be wrong about this, but I assume that an Olympus E520 with the 14 -42 (28-84), 14-54 or 12-60 zoom would give me "decent" wide angle along with macro using just one port. Athena makes a dome port for the 14-42 that pretty much keeps the wide angle perspective on that end. Not the best WA or macro, perhaps, but a true 28mm perspective is much better much better than the G9 without a wet lens, I think. if I am wrong, please educate me....I am not claiming to have the answer. Although I can see the merits of it, photographically speaking, I can't see dealing with two cameras on a dive.
  12. As I mentioned, I don't have one, so I am only relying on what I have read and heard, but to me the weakness of the Patima housing is that with the short port on for use with the Inon UWL 100, one can't just remove the wet lens and do macro photography, because the lens is stuck in its widest position, whether due to the lock or the physical limitation imposed by the port. On the other hand, the very short port probably produces superior wide angle shots compared to the Ike. That shot above is very nice, but the soft corner in the lower right would bother me. I gather this isn't an issue for many people, they simply plan to shoot wide OR macro on a dive. I really want to be able to do both. I suppose that is why I keep toying with getting a DSLR, but I don't want to give up using the LCD to compose and focus. Although the Patima seems very expensive compared to the camera, and my first thought was that no one would pay $1000 to house a compact camera, $3000.00 housings with $500 ports seem to sell quite readily for cameras that cost less than a grand, so that would make a $1k housing (including ports) on a $400-500 camera pretty reasonable.
  13. I don't beleive there is much of a vignetting issue, from what I have heard. I think it is the physical size of the port and potential damage to the lens or port. The lens has no room to zoom on the short port. There is always something new and better. I never have worried about having the newest, bestest camera. Unfortunately, for underwater use, there is that whole housing thing. I would hate to buy a $1,000.00 housing for a G9, only to find the camera discontinued in 60 or 90 days. If the camera gets lost, stolen, broken, I then have a housing for a camera I cannot replace, except maybe used, and a housing whose resale value can't be very good, since it is for a discontinued camera. I am largely happy with the G9 and Canon housing, but wish the lens was wider. I don't actually feel the need for a close up adapter for what I do. I really enjoy having a compact setup with that housing and one Inon 240 strobe. Of course, there is that shutter-lag issue, but that's another discussion. The sensor change would be nice, but for me the biggest issue is the lack of wide angle. If the new Canon does go to 28mm that would be tempting. If so, I doubt it would work in the Patima housing unless they came up with another port.
  14. Yes, but the Patima port for the wide angle requires the Canon lens to be locked in it's full wide position, somewhat limiting macro abilities. I believe that with the Ike short port you can still zoom a fair bit. I don't know how well it would work to use a close-up lens with the lens at its widest. I would love to find out that the Patima housing meets my needs better than I think it does......
  15. I have the Canon housing. I was thinking about "upgrading" to the Patima housing because I would like better wideangle capability, but I really want to be able to do wideangle and macro on the same dive, and the Patima doesn't help with that. I enjoy using my Inon strobe in TTL mode, so I don't want the Ike housing, plus it is larger than I want.
  16. I played with the E520 for about an hour in the shop. Unfortunately, they had the 14-54 on it and didn't have a 14-42 handy. I don't know how much, if at all, that affected performance. Overall, a very nice camera. I am still not sure about the live view functionality and "shutter delay" in the Imager mode. On the other hand the camera did seem to focus well in dim light. I cannot imagine using that OVF underwater though. It isn't very big. On the other hand, it looks more and more like the Patima housing doesn't do what I want, so I don't know what I'll do. Is it correct that if one buys an Athena port for the 14-42, the gear is extra? I don't understand why it isn't included since this is a dedicated port.
  17. ce4jesus: Yes, but for the last sentence...no one locally has one. BUT, your reply inspired me to call around again and I found one in stock, so I am going out over the lunch hour and play with it. Hopefully I can answer my own question about the live view.
  18. Thanks. Despite it's cost, I might well choose the 12-60 as I would like one for topside travel photography anyway. On the other hand the 14-42 is lighter and smaller. I already use a focus light at night but haven't needed one during the day with the G9. Simply leaving the light attached all the time would not be a big issue. I make no pretense about being a real photographer, at least underwater. I do not sell my photos or even enter them in competitions or shows; they are not that good. Also, I manage about 3, sometimes 4 dive trips a year, of about a week to 10 days each. That just doesn't justify (for me) thousands of dollars in equipment. I may switch over to using an ovf while underwater someday, but I also may not. I looked through the ovf of an E410 in the Oly housing once, albeit on land. I didn't like the view. For now, I need a good liveview option to insure I don't end up with an expensive system I don't enjoy using. Then I can make the choice. If I were to go to a DSLR, the only one in consideration would be the OLY due to cost and size issues. I also abandoned the Ike housing idea for the E330 for the same reason, coupled with my desire to use sttl with my inon strobe. I looked for a used Oly housing for the E330 for a long time and never found one. By the way, the LCD on the G9 is good enough that I can see it in fairly bright light and at a pretty good angle, allowing me to take some shots that I could not if confined to an ovf. But, I would rather not get inito a big ovf vs. lcd debate at this point. Maybe I can and E520 around here before too ong to play with and see for myself. So far, no local shops have any or and don't claim to be getting any soon.
  19. First, some background: Awhile back I was going to house my Oly E330, and then thought instead of getting an E410 and housing (Thanks to those who helped me back then). When all was said and done, I knew I wanted to use an Inon strobe with fiber optics and TTL. Well, rumors of a new body began flying, housings for the E330 dried up, I worried about the size of the housing, my next dive trip was approaching, and I ended up with..... Canon G9 with Canon housing and Inon strobe. I really do like using the LCD to compose and focus underwater. I like having something small enough to easily carry during entries and exits, small enough to put in a carry on with other gear, and small enough to use with one hand when needed. I also realized that I simply cannot put $3,000 into a housing for a camera, given the rate at which cameras come and go these days and the amount of underwater use I get. I like the G9, and have seen a big improvement in my photos since getting it, although the shutter lag irritates me and the lens isn't wide enough. I recently began looking at a Patima housing for the G9 so I could use an accessory wide angle. But the lag time of the camera still bothers me a lot. If that wasn't a problem, I probably wouldn't bother with a DSLR, although one disadvantage of the Patima housing may be the inability to switch from WA to macro without switching ports. Lo and behold I see Oly has a new camera, housing and lens coming out. I use Oly DSLRs anyway, so buying an E520 is okay. The new housing looks fairly compact and it appears it will be around $1,000.00 plus a port. I would like to have one do-it-all lens, and it looks like I can get that somewhere in the OLY lens lineup. I already have the 14-54, the 14-42 is pretty inexpensive and that 9-18 might work? (I don't know about macro with that one). I may well want different ports and lenses later, but initially want to have reasonable macro and wideangle capability in one lens and port. It looks like the live view on the 520 may work better underwater than the live view on the 410 would have. So here are my dumb questions: 1. If I were to spring for the Oly stuff, keeping in mind that I want to use the LCD (I know, maybe I will grow to appreciate the viewfinder, but for now I need a good LCD option), will the live view likely work well for composing and focusing, and the shutter lag improve noticeably, in contrast to my G9? I realize this camera is not "out" yet so maybe no one can tell me. I am looking for something that is an improvement over what I am using in shutter delay, without losing that P&S LCD. If the live view isn't sufficiently useful or the shutter lag isn't noticeably shorter than the G9, then I suppose I should stay with what I have, for now. 2. I have looked at photos of the new Oly housing, but can't get a feeling for how big or small it is. I am familiar with the size of the housing for the E410. Can anyone tell me how these would compare? I may need to wait until this stuff is out and people have a chance to use it, but my next dive trip is in October and if I want the very popular Patima housing, I probably need to order it fairly soon. If I put a grand into that housing, that will be what I use for some time to come. I have searched through posts here and elsewhere and read reviews and comments and even looked at some guy's video, but I still don't feel that I have a handle on this. As always, I appreciate the insights of you more experienced folks.
  20. That's interesting. I had my G9 with a single Z240 and a 5 diffuser out a couple of weeks ago, and on the cloudy setting I kept having purple sponges come out pink and some orange corals become fairly yellow. I wasn't using RAW. I had been concerned about write times, but next time I will use RAW & JPEG and play around with white balance a bit more.
  21. I just recently purchased a z240. I'll have it in a pool to practice next week, but haven't been out with it yet. The manual suggests using a red filter on aiming light. Do many of you do routinely do this? I am guessing I will use a diffuser for macro and fish portraits so it would be easy enough to use the clip in filter. Thanks for your thoughts on this.
  22. That is really unfortunate about the TTL converter. I guess the Olympus housing is not the way to go for that model.
  23. Actually I have been surprised by the few complaints that I have seen about someone spending $2,000-$5,000 on a housing only to have a new body out in a few months or a year wish some spectacular new feature or improvement. I think Canon has some sort of corporate goal to replace at least two bodies per year.
  24. As I continue to research and fret over my desire to upgrade my underwater photography equipment, I have come upon a couple of articles and posts that raised an issue that I don't see mentioned very often. It goes like something like this: Using a DSLR for underwater photography changes the experience from taking photos while diving to one of diving to take photos. In other words, the suggestion is that someone who does not want to expend significant time and energy on pre-dive inspection and preparation and post dive maintenance is probably better off with a P&S because the care and feeding of the DSLR being significantly greater than a P&S. It has been suggested that this has to do with the number of o-rings, ports, cables, arms, etc that one has to carry and maintain and the amount of space required to pack all of this stuff. Perhaps if one uses only one port and lens and one strobe this is not an issue? I know I have read comments about pre-dive camera setup checklists and that some DSLR people spend significant time readying their gear for a dive, while I probably spend 5 minutes checking settings and making a quick check of the o-ring. I also note that I have seen some extensive discussions about rinse tanks. Franky, with my P&S, if there isn't a rinse tank handy (and there often isn't) I pour a small bottle of water over the camera housing before putting it away for a better rinse later. I suppose the P&S / DSLR maintenance difference could go further. On the dive boats that I am on most often, there is no camera table or even a reliably dry or clean area in which one could safely change lenses or replace memory cards and batteries. Those activities often have to wait until after the the dive day. Similarly, I dive one location where one has to climb down about a 10' ladder to enter the water. As I think about it, I don't know how a diver could descend the ladder without clipping the camera to a BC. Is this even feasible with a large DSLR? Additionally, the argument is that a typical DSLR user doesn't take the camera on a dive, swimming around and taking a few shots of something of interest and then moving on, rather he is likely going to find a subject and experiment with flash settings, strobe placement, positioning, and may spend much or all of a dive and dozens of images of that subject. The last the argument is that lugging around a large and somewhat cumbersome DSLR setup alters the diving experience sufficiently that it really becomes a photo session underwater, rather than a dive on which you have brought a camera. Does the DSLR have a significant effect on how one dives, including air consumption, buoyancy, trim, and so on? I know I have read threads about which fins are best to propel a diver with a DSLR in their hands. What do you think? On land this isn't necessarily true. Using a DSLR or point & Shoot is different, but the preparation, use and care after use is not really different. For example, one might take a body and 2-3 lenses in a camera bag to some sort of event or location, but the next day want to take a camera to a family gathering to grab a few shots of the family. Using the DSLR is not substantially different from a weight or bulk standpoint. To put this in context, I am fairly sure that no matter what gear I have, my main focus on most dives will continue to be enjoyment of the dive. I certainly am happy to spend several minutes trying to get a nice shot of some interesting subject, but I'm talking about maybe a couple to 10 minutes or so shooting several shots of something before moving on, and a lot of photographs are quick fish portraits or an interesting crab or worm or coral head as I pass by. How much does the "type" of photography dictate gear? This actually reminds me of the large & medium format vs. 35mm debates. The large and medium format cameras traditionally did well when used on tripods for landscapes and static subjects, but the 35mm became the preferred choice for "street" photography, casual portraiture, sports, etc. Maybe type of use even influences the live view vs. viewfinder discussions I have read. On the other hand, maybe it is silliness. I certainly don't have the experience to say. I just thought it was an interesting issue, and one that my influence a future buying decision.
  25. Hey Phil: When you travel do you carry your gear on the plane? Just wondering how easy it would be or if it is necessary to check some of it.
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