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  1. Dear Chris I followed your suggestions and everything worked perfectly! both in the synchronisation as well as in a problem previously I had in changing the strobe power while diving. I am very happy about this and I wish to express you all my gratitude. Many many thanks!! cheers Santi
  2. Dear Chris thanks a lot for your help and useful suggestion. Actually I normally used the flash of the camera in the configuration "fill-in" and after I made various tests by changing the setup of the subtonic flash until I did obtain the synchronisation, and it worked by selecting the setup "1-preflash suppression". The situation changed a few days ago. Indeed I never tried your suggestion to put the camera flash in "manual mode" and NO preflash in the subtonic flashes. I'll do it and inform you! Many many thanks for your kind attention take care Santi
  3. Hi all, some months ago I bought a couple of new flash Subtronic 270 pro with external batteries in the flash arm. I am using them in manual mode by connecting them with optical fibers to a mirrorless camera Olympus OM-E1 mark 1. In order to synchronize the flash with camera I used the setup procedure indicated by the Company and It worked by adopting the configuration with “1 preflash”. Since two days, one of the flash does not work properly in the sense that when I select the full power or 1/2 power to the flash it fires but there is no possibility to synchronize the flash with the camera. I made all possible tests: redoing the setup, trying with no preflash or 2 preflash configuration but it does NOT work (no synchronization is possible) On the other hand when I select any power since 1/4 to 1/32 of the power it works! the synchronization is fine (in the 1 preflash configuration). Have you any suggestion? any reset that I can try to apply? Did anyone encounter the same problem? ​Thanks a lot for your feedback and attention cheers
  4. Hi All I am new in the Wetpixel forum. I am from Italy. I am a SSI extended range certified diver. I mainly dive in Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean in Canaria Islands. My big passion is to dive and take underwater pictures. I hope to learn a lot by interacting with all of you cheers
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