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  1. Selling my Canon 7D Ikelite setup. Works perfectly and hasn't been wet since service by Ikelite. I'm moving to a mirrorless system and would like to see this go to someone who'll put it to good use. I live in the Miami-Dade/Broward County Area *Not breaking up the system* $2200.00 plus shipping Paypal add 3% Pelican 1610 (Roller Case with foam inserts) Canon 7D Ikelite Housing (4 lock) Dual handle Ikelite housing tray 1” Ball mounts for housing tray handles Ikelite housing maintenance kit O-Rings for housing/ports: 2x Ikelite 0132.45 1x Ikelite 5512.68 set 1x Ikelite 0105 2x Ikelite DS 161 Strobes 2x Ikelite Dual Strobe cords 4103.52 3x Ikelite DS Strobe Batteries 2x Ikelite DS Strobe Universal Battery chargers SUBSEE Adapter for Ikelite by REEFNET SUBSEE Magnifier SS-10 (+10) Ikelite Ports: 5510.35 Flat port (60mm) 5508.45 Focus port (100mm) 5511.2 Ikleite 8” Dome Port Ikelite Zoom Sleeve #0073, Zoom Clamp #9059.8 Ikelite Special Zoom Clamp/Sleeve #5509.28 Ikelite 9059.9 SLR Focus/Zoom Clamp Ikelite 9059.8 SLR Focus/Zoom Clamp w/springs Ikleite 5020 Silicone Lube (4 1cc tubes) Canon 7D Camera 2x Canon OEM LP-E6 Batteries 1- Canon Battery Charger 1- Pearstone Compact Battery Charger Canon 7D Neck Strap Canon 7D USB Cable Canon 7D instruction manual & pocket guide Canon EF 100mm F2.8 Macro USM Lens w/ warranty card Canon EFS 60mm F2.8 USM Tokina 12-24 F4 (TF) DX Wide Angle Lens w/ warranty card Compact Flash Memory Cards: 2x 16GB 2x 4GB 1x 2GB 6x ULCS clamps 4x ULCS DB-B08 Arms 2x STIX 9” Strobe Arms 1x STIX Adjustable Buoyancy Float Belt for Macro Ports More pix: https://www.flickr.com/photos/167321205@N05/albums
  2. I have the STIX 9" arms with the jumbo floats and I also bought the Macro belt for my 100mm. They work great. I have a Canon 30D in Ikelite Housing w/2 DS125's....yes it is negative, I don't know about any air bubble, mine sinks. They have 1" ball joints just like ULCS so if that is the size of your clamps you'll have no problems. I'm going to buy more arms either the 4 or 6, haven't decided yet. Good luck and I hope my comment helps ed
  3. The more light the better in my book. I have the same lens and strobes. I've been very happy with all of them so far. I try to use the strobes at different angles/power settings for subtle shadows.. One strobe will work as well, by for my 2 cents get 2. ed
  4. Good luck with that, maybe you can put it on i-tunes!
  5. Joerg, My mom lives about 30 minutes from Crystal River and goes to see the Manatees year round. Others have stated they are less in numbers which is correct, however they are around. Going with one of the reputable guide services should enable you to view/photograph some manatees. Have fun ed
  6. Never had this happen. Very strange indeed. The only time my 30D is slow is when I use a cheap CF card. Hope you can figure it out, maybe swap out battery, change what is displayed, etc. Let us know how it works out. Ed
  7. Thanks Jeremy. I'm still learning PS and your tutorial works like a champ! ed
  8. OK, so I'm not the first to notice this. One question though..How come they didn't do this from day one? I had about 4 or 6 dives on then before the beep started. I think they are gonna go back to Ikelite, I didn't spend that kind of money for a strobe that beeps all the time. My S&S YS-110s never beeped. Kinda piss poor IMO. This may be acceptable to some but not me. The strobes were completely silent for the first few weeks of diving and that is how they should be. Hopefully Ikelite will have an answer for me Monday. Thanks for the replies..I think ed
  9. I have two DS125 strobes and four Nimh battery packs all purchased within the last month. When the battery packs are connected to the strobes, I hear a beep sound. This beep occurs every ten seconds. The strobes are not even connected to my ikelite housing and this beeping sound occurs. This is not the normal beep/wind-up sound associated with first turning on the strobes. I understand the capacitor wind up sound normally associated with strobes. I swapped out battery packs, the same thing occurs with each strobe no matter which battery is attached. Regardless of setting (TTL, Full, 1/4, etc.), the beep happens. The only time it doesn't beep is when it is in the test setting. This beep occurs whether the strobes are attached to the camera/sync cord or not. They are not attached now and they continue to beep as I sit here. Leads me to believe it is a strobe only problem. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated. BTW, I've just e-mail ikelite as well. Figures this happens on a Friday afternoon If you have experienced this, please let me know what you're corrective action was. Thanks in advance ed
  10. Excellent report. We are going back to Lembeh in September for 3 weeks. A question on the macromate. Have you ever used a woody's diopter? If so do you prefer the macromate over the woody's. I recently ordered the woody's and can't wait for it to arrive so I can try it. Price was the biggest thing for me since I just paid off the upcoming trip. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks again for posting such a good report. ed
  11. I had Mike make me one of these handles and it is great. Custom made to fit my Ikelite housing, the materials used are all first rate. The handle paid for itself this weekend when I had to hand my camera up to one of the deckhands on the boat who wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed. He went for the strobe arm, then saw the handle and grabbed it! Thanks again Mike for a great piece of gear! ed
  12. The colors on the first reef scene are incredible. I really like the frogfish as well. thanks ed
  13. Great stuff. I've tried this here in Hawaii and end up just getting a bunch of blurry shots and using up all my air.. Again great job, gives me something to strive for. Thanks for posting it. ed
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