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  1. I tried to go to Matt's site but got an error that it could not find the default language eng when I was looking at the galleries. Does anyone else have this problem?
  2. I just got my 60 mm Macro and 15 mm FE lens, ports and housing. I'll be using it with one ds125 strobe and TLC arm. I can't believe how heavy this rig is. I feel as if this rig is going to give me task overload over my c5050. I hope it's just as fun underwater. I have to say the 20d is a pleasure to shoot on land. I still have to figure out how to pack this stuff. The last trip I made I was asked to check in my rolling carry on which I was not prepared to do. I almost had a heart attack worrying about my gear. Any packing tips will be appreciated. Thanks again for your help.
  3. Alex, I would like to order a set of magic filters for the 15mm Sigma lens I just purchased. I am leaving on a dive trip on Sept 8. How long will it take to get to the filters to me. I live in New York. Thanks,
  4. Thanks all, I jumped in and bought the housing, sync cord 15 mm FE and the 60 mm Macro and ports. Now I have to read up on the forums for some techniques and general favorite settings. If any one has some links about starting points for camera please point me to them. Thanks Patrick
  5. I posted this question in another thread but it's probably better suited here. What are the differences between the 15mm FE and the 10 -22mm WA zoom above and below water? Will the 15mm FE show lense flare on a Canon 20d since it's not an EF-s lense. Which is the one to buy?
  6. Thanks for the helpful info. I'm going to purchase the 60 mm Macro lens to start with. It sounds like it cover 75 percent of what I shoot. and it fits my budget. I still have the buring desire to go over budget and buy more. So here's another question. What are the differences between the canon 10 - 22mm and the sigma 15mm fisheye. What are the difference above and below water and which is better for the 20d. Will there be any lense flare with the 15mm fisheye? Can the gel filters be used on the 10-22mm lens? Thanks again
  7. I like to shoot a variety of things from tiny blenys to big animal encounters to reef scenes. With my current system I have been able to shoot tiny blenys, clown fish, fish portraits, like groupers at a cleaning station underwater scenery and big animals. I was lucky to shoot all of those on a 10 day liveaboard in Thailand a year and a half ago. With my current system I can do all of it with the addition of the Inon lens. What I don't like about my current system in the Olympus housing is the difficulty needed to do certain functions which requires holding down 2 buttons and rotating a dial. The other major factor is shutter lag, thus the desire to change. I understand I may have only one choice per dive but wanted to know if there was a lens that give me more options. On my up coming trip I don't expect big animals and only a couple of reef scenes if any so my immediate needs would be macro and fish portraits. Is there one lens that might cover these two areas of interest?
  8. Hi all, I am considering housing my Canon 20d in Ikelite housing to replace my Olympus c5050. What are going to be my trade offs and benefits? I currently use the setup with one ds125 strobes plus I have the Inon uwl-100 wide angle lens which can be removed or added under water. I will be traveling to Curacao in a few weeks and cannot afford to buy a full range of lenses at the current time. I need a base lens to start with. I wanted to know if anyone would recommend the canon 17 to 85 lens as a starting lens and has anyone had any experiences with this lens. Are there any other recommendations that you can make? Should I just buy a macro lens or just a wide angle lens or is there a compromise that will allow me good all around shooting of fish scenery and little creatures. Thanks in Advance Patrick
  9. Hi, I met someone a few years ago who took a Cathy Church workshop and said that he had learned many tricks to help improve his underwater photography. If anyone knows of any of these trick please share them with us. He didn't go into details but he did say 2 interesting things. I wanted to know if someone knew of these techniques as well. He said he had a trick to photograph just the eye of the fish and the use of cheeze wiz to attract fish to his camera. I'm not sure if that would be harmful to the environment but please comment. Any other tricks or tips that are safe for the marine environment and the diver would be appreciated to help get that special photo. Thanks
  10. Debbie, Thanks for your answer. I had bought a converter and found out that it it should not be used on battery chargers. That is what prompted this original post. After your reply, I started to look at the chargers and they are rated for 110-240 v. I guess it's that simple these days. Can I ask you, how were the photographic opportunities on your trip and how was your trip? Thanks in advance
  11. Thanks for all the advice. I'll try to post after my trip. Take care!
  12. I will be diving in Thailand on a liveaboard vessel and had questions about the type of voltage converters that are safe for charging digital camera batteries and strobes. I have C5050 w/a Ikelite DS125 strobe & my wife has a Canon S400 w/a YS-90 DX strobe. I also intend on charging my laptop as well. My biggest concern is what type of converter should I buy that will charge everything correctly and without damage to the batteries or equiptment. Thanks.
  13. Hi. My wife & I are planning on going on the Viking this April for two weeks and wanted to get some additional input. Hoping you can enlighten us. Was there night diving? Were the dives limited to 4 dives/day? How much is expected for the tip, especially since there are two of us? Were there mostly drift diving off the hard bottom inflatables or is it off the mother ship? What type of entry was used...we're not fond of back rolls since they are disorienting. We hear that some dives have current but are they pretty easy? My wife & I are not the strongest swimmers. Was the crew safe? Was there a sign in board for every dive? Do dive masters accompany divers on dives? Were there any problems with electricity. Our photo equip uses 110 volts at 60 cycles were there any problems using converters? That's about all I can think about for now. Thanks!
  14. My wife and I started out with a digital camera to supplement my film camera. After our first underwater trials we each purchased a better camera and a strobe for each after fighting to use the first underwater digital camera. We were looking for that special trip and went to Belize on the Nekton Pilot. I sold her on the idea because the boat was supposed to be stable. Although the trip was OK it was not a great dive trip. We were very disappointed with the photography opportunities. There was not a lot of life on this trip and the boat and crew was pretty worn down. Most of our clear water experience has been limited to the Caribbean. We are pretty experience divers. I have done about 200 dives and my wife has done about 100 dives. We are looking for that special dive trip which will be really memorable. I read Eric Cheng's reports on Mike Ball's Coral Sea trip and the Big Blue Explorer trip to Palau and he directed me to post this question on the forum. If we could only choose one, which trip and operator should we choose? When would be the best time to go? We like nice clean and well maintained boats with good service. A crew that is enthusiastic and safety conscious and provides excellent meals. For the diving we would like easy diving with lots of life from macro to large animals. By easy diving I mean that we don't like rough seas and long hard swims against current. What would you suggest? I'm also considering PNG and Truk. I do not want to spend the money and find out that the area is not good for diving or they are experiencing a die off (severe coral bleaching) when I get there. Our hopes were high for Belize, maybe too high. I have started to read mixed opinions on the forums about these places and wanted your opinion since my wife and I share the same photographic interest of photography underwater. Thanks in advance Patrick and Angel Lee
  15. Hi, The first week of Feb 2003, I went with a group of 10 friends some old and some new. We went to Buddy's. This is my second time to Bonaire. The first time was before hurricane Lenny. I would have to say the many of the reefs looked quite damaged compared to diving there prior to Hurricane Lenny but Bonaire is still an excellent place to go on a trip. The reefs are very much alive with fish and life but many coral heads are damaged. That did not make these bad dives, just different than how I remember Bonaire. Some reefs especially on Klein Bonaire were still pristine. Buddy's resort makes diving easy. If you dive the house reef, it's a matter of walking down to the dock which could be as little as 100 to 200 ft stroll. Down there, they store your dive gear in a locker. Grab a tank from the tank area, set up your gear and jump in. Diving here is on your own schedule and around the clock. There is a lot of life at the dock and plenty on the house reef right there. The reef is about a 50 to 75 feet from the dock and holds plenty of life. They have two really nice boats but the third one does look a little small but I was never on that one. I only saw that used for very small private groups when the other boats were not available. If you want to shore dive around the island their drive through pick up station makes this real easy. I was lazy and did all of the boat dives offered plus and dived the house reef a lot more than venturing out. I believe you can add five boat dives for $100. I did venture out a few times to shore dive in other areas. I would say I did 3 to 5 dives a day but chose to dive at the resort to make life easier. Some in my group wanted more diversity but I felt I could always find different life or different areas at the resort. I like to move real slow under water and I find lots of life. I find that a reef has lots to offer. Don’t miss the giant 6 to 8 foot tarpons that escort you on night dives at the house reef. Most people need to become better observers. I have over 175 dives under my belt and more than half are done in the north east in New York. It is not easy diving in New York so I had a different attitude while I was on vacation. Besides, someone volunteered us to cook lunch and dinner for all 10 people during our trip for the whole trip but, that’s a whole story in itself. I needed to be close to get the meals prepared during the surface intervals! All of my best photographs from this trip came from the house reef. Others in my group made use of buddy's pick up truck and dived many of the other sites. When you come out of the water the rise tank is right at the dock. You can rinse yourself and your gear and hang it up in the locker until your next dive. You do not have to lug your gear around. We always had an interest in the Plaza so we took a ride there. They have very nice grounds and the resort is beautiful, but I parked the pickup and started walking and walking and walking. Where was the entry to the water? I bumped into a couple and they were said going diving. They were lugging their gear too. It was a hike to the entry point even without lugging my gear. Some rooms are close to the entry point but far from the parking lot. Since I did not stay there this is only my observation. I would like to know in case I plan on going back. Some insight to this would be appreciated. Does the Plaza have lockers to store your gear that is near to the beach entry point and the boat dock. Are there parking areas close to the room? What do you need to do if you plan on diving outside of the resort? How does their operation work? The only problem we had which we never had in the past was a couple of mosquitoes would find their way into the bedroom during the day and attack us at night until they were hunted down. I would like to add that my I bought a digital photo setup for just this trip and got excellent pictures within my second dive. I can post some pictures. The housing is for sale and is in excellent shape. I would like to get $260 for it. It’s a PT-015 for the Olympus c5050 and I got excellent results and it’s a great product. It was the only one available for me before my trip so I purchased it. This housing is rated for 130 feet but I want one that works in the deeper waters around New York so I’m willing to part with it. Email me with the subject Bonaire question at ahplee@aol.com for any other info. If you have any questions about use of this camera post a question? Enjoy your trip we had a great time. __________________ A & P
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