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  1. How exciting! I cant wait to see your pictures! I think because my trip to Bimini is so soon Im going to go with GoPro and TG-5 then take my time to really organize and think through building out a rig! Are there any filters I can or should use with the Olympus?
  2. ChrisRoss Barnaglot and Interceptor thank you for your responses and taking the time to help me! Im going to hold off on building out the full dslr rig and look further into the 1 sensors. I dont know much about the m43 but Ill start my research. Hopefully I can post some pictures after the dive to help others that are in a similar situation to me. You guys make this a great forum.
  3. Hi everyone Ive been around the forum for a while but never posted before. Im in a bit of a quandary, I have a nice 5DmkIV but no experience or equipment for underwater. To date Ive used go pros and recently purchased the 7 black. Im by no means a professional, I like to take photos blow them up and hang them on the wall and in a coffee table book I put together but thats it. Ive read a lot of good stuff on the TG5, and Ive been watching some underwater housings for my canon, but the more I read and learn the more indecisive I get. I have a dive trip to Bimini to swim with hammerheads in a couple weeks, from what Ive heard thats only 15-25 feet deep and want to take some great photos! Debating if strobes would be necessary and toying with getting strobes for the GoPro? Is that silly? Then I have a trip to Fiji next month which Id like to bring some equipment, but dont really want to lug a huge pelican case across the planet. Is there a efficient backpack size setup for my Canon that I can get? Does anyone have experience with a GoPro and strobes? Is the Olympus significantly better than the GoPro? Does anyone have any tips for hammerheads? Ive read a few posts. Also is anyone selling an old housing or set up that would fit my mkIV. Thanks for any and all responses, I feel like im out of my depth here.
  4. Hi everyone, I was initially drawn here by the classifieds and dreaming about what I could get. I’m new to underwater other than a GoPro I don’t have underwater capabilities
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