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  1. Hi, I use a D70s in a ikelite housing and had the same problem. In my case one of the buttons was 'sticky' and, though it was very hard to see, it was touching the camera. After taking the button apart and cleaning it, the problem was solved... Hope this helps, grtz, Pieter
  2. Hi! I keep having a problem with my Ikelite strobe bulkhead. The screw on the inside of the housing keeps getting loose. I have to tighten it every 3-4 dives... Solution anybody? Have been thinking about loctite but I don't dare to use it, because I don't know how the o-ring wich seals the bulkhead will react on it...
  3. You can make it work on the mac, but I don't now how to fool vista... I'm using lightroom on 2 macs with only 1 catalog on a network drive. (you can't use the catalog on the same time though...) -Make a diskimage on the networkdrive. -Open the diskimage on the mac. (now it looks like a 'local' drive to the mac... and lightroom) -Open lightroom and make a new catalogfile on the diskimage -Import the photos (also copy them to the networkdrive so both mac's can use them) Now if you want to use lightroom, first thing you have to do is activate the diskimage and then open lightroom, otherwise lightroom won't be able to find the catalog... This is how can use lightroom on my laptop and on my workstation. hope this helps.
  4. Thanks! The first one looks like the Siganus Argenteus indeed! The second one is not the parapercis sp. but by looking at these in the Red Sea reefguide, I think I found the specie on the same page; Red Sea Sanddiver: Trichonotus Nikii Thanks again!
  5. Hi, Can anybody help me out with an ID on these 2 fish? The first one was shot during a nightdive in Na'ama Bay. The second one was shot on a sandy area in the Marsa Bareika area. fish-id-1 fish-id-2 grtz, Pieter
  6. Yesterday, during the Duikvaker exhibition in Utrecht - The Netherlands, the winners of the Underwater Arts Contest where announced. I was announced as the winner of the masters catagory: “Nature Awareness”. The photograph had to tell a message. My message was to make people aware not to throw their waste in the water or other places. Maybe its out of sight, but it is still there for many years. My photograph shows a diver picking up an empty coke-can... As soon as the complete results are online, I'll post a link here. grtz, Pieter Rutten
  7. Looks like a Highfin Sabretooth Blenny
  8. The first thing that comes to my mind is the shooting distance, it might be to big... But without a example that's hard to say.
  9. Have received my t-shirt today! thanx Eric!!
  10. Today Aquashot, the organisation of the Dutch UWP, has published all winning photo's on their website. Click here to watch the photos
  11. Thanks! @Cerianthus; I did see the presentation of all the images in June, on the selection day. I was also impressed by the high quality of photographs. If I had been there on the announcement, I think I would have looked really funny to if they announced me as one of the winners... Imagine what I looked like when I received that phonecall. I really couldn't believe it, hung up the phone and ran for the internetcafe,
  12. Last Friday (26th of september) the Jury of the Dutch Campionship for UWP announced the results. I couldn't be there, because I was still in Egypte to work on my Port-Folio. But on Saturday I received a phonecall from the Netherlands... I got third in the macro category, first in the fishportret and first in wide-angle with model. In the wide-angle category I'm not in the first 3... But because of the listings in the other categories I turned out to be the new Dutch Champion! As soon as all the pictures of the competition are online, I'll post a link here. The results (as published by an online magazine): Macro: 1. Jan Azier 2. Rinie Luykx 3. Pieter Rutten Fishportret: 1. Pieter Rutten 2. Marion Haarsma 3. Harmen van den Heuvel Wide-angle with Model: 1. Pieter Rutten 2. Jan Azier 3. Rinie Luykx Wide-angle: 1. Rinie Luykx 2. Jan Azier 3. Paul Raps Dutch Champion Overall: 1. Pieter Rutten 2. Jan Azier 3. Rinie Luykx
  13. That's true... But if you can't get hold of a Nikon 5T or 6T the Canon 250D and the 500D are good alternatives... grtz, Pieter
  14. As a substitute for the Nikon 5T you could purchase a Canon 500D. I was looking for a 5T also, but couldn't find one. Finally I purchased a Canon 500D 72mm with a 62-72 stepup ring for use with the Nikon 105VR. Try a search on the wetpixelforums and you'll find more threads about the canon 500D. grtz, Pieter Rutten
  15. I agree with Terry; Sinai Divers is one of the best you can get in Sharm. They're situated at the Ghazala Beach Hotel next to the Hilton Fayerouz. They also have an office at the Baron resort (Ras Ghamilla) and at the Hilton Resort in Dahab. pm me if you want to know more specific information. Will be diving with them agina in about 2 weeks grtz, Pieter
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