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  1. I remember seeing one in the Classifieds page quite recently, have you scrolled through all available. Where are you located.? Sorry, found it but it is sold already.
  2. Where would you be shipping from.?
  3. Sounds like it could be good, have you posted your ad on the classifieds section?
  4. At my first dive center, people swore by Aqualung stratos-1(full foot), they have weird sizing although. I remember, some staff used them for seasons together, even in current 2-3 knots. Personally, my size was a issue and I landed up with blisters a lot of the times with those so I used Mares Avantti Quattro- amazing fins but they were super heavy. Aqualung came out with a stratos 3 (also full foot) which fit me perfectly, since then I have been very happy with the propulsion. I travel with them wherever I go, quite lightweight and yet they give me the power I need, in all situations. The blade is perfect stiffness for me, but this might not be the case for everyone. In my experience, I would say try out what works for you best, we each have different strength generated by our kicks which varies by the length of the kick, leg strength, possibly the wave, oscillation etc, and maybe various other factors too..Some say- Strong legs would do better with a stiff blade, and weaker ones need more flexible fins. The gull's, for most they are overly flexible and personally I don't move with them but then some people really it. They sure feel good to touch If you like a pair, stick with it
  5. Hello fellow divers-photographers, I recently purchased an I-Das TR-03 tray along with a pistol handle ball mount grip, also by I-Das. I am having some problems with the screw in connection and was hoping for some advise. The pistol handle screw at the bottom (see attachment) tightens to a maximum point on the bottom of the tray yet still, the handle grip has some movement on the top, is this normal? Secondly, I cannot tighten the screw at the bottom any further as both the screw and the handle grip start to move together. Is this normal too? Anyone facing a similar issue and what does one do to resolve it? I was thinking a thin washer, where the handle connects on the top part of the tray might help but not sure if this will solve the problem. Any advise appreciated. Thank you kindly excuse the Cantonese/Mandrin print on the sheets
  6. You are right, sometimes one forgets these little things like getting close or shooting from below/ eye level, and then at times just these few small things make pictures stand out. Great tips. Thanks for sharing
  7. Hello Wetpixel family, I am an Indian origin experienced DM currently parenting above the Arctic in Finland. New here to the forum and to wetpixel, hope to be able to get some great tips about UW photography and also be able to participate and share what I learn, Am also looking to set up my first underwater rig, owning a Nikon D3100, I would like to hear from all you pro's and the wetpixel team what are your views on the setting up this for a beginner underwater system and what would you recommend as possible combinations to this camera body Thank you
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