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  1. How much you selling it?
  2. Looking forward for your reply. Thank you
  3. do you have 2x spheres to attach to quickrelease handle?
  4. I'm looking for 2x ikelite sphere quick release to attach to an ikelite tray, and 2x sphere mount to attach on ds51 strobes. Thanks
  5. Thank you very much for your explanation. It was very helpful. About the 35-70: nothing special to do with it, it's just the first lens I was trying. I have other lenses, some slightly wider, some other narrower. I just wanted to find a solution without spending loads of money for a compatible lens! Again thank you
  6. Is there anyway to make an old canon ef lens 35-70 (shooting on a 5d mark ii) work on an ikelite 6" dome port (5503.55)?? The lens is very old, and of course it's not on the official ikelite port chart. I'm not a physician and I can't understand why I cant focus at any distance (near or infinite) while with other cameras it seems that no matter what dome or lens I use I can get focus everytime. [the focus is perfect outside of the water, of course] I was thinking that maybe a diopter should contrast the dome "reverse-lens-effect". Will a diopter work or should I stick to a compatible lens for my dome? I don't want to believe that I have to stick to just 3 compatible lenses for that dome.. But maybe this is all just physics I don't understand and there is nothing I can do. Please enlight me.. Also: what would happen if I buy a flat port? Will every lens work with it? I have a few lenses and I would like to use them all. Thanks for your help
  7. I'm looking to buy a Sea&Sea YS-17 strobe. Thank you.
  8. Yes I'm interested! How much are you asking?
  9. Hello, I'm looking for a Canon 5d Mark II Housing. I would like a Subal or Aquatica. I would like to find one for a good price, since the camera has already 10 years +. I will not consider Ikelite or Diveross housing unless they are very very very very very cheap price. Place your proposals! Thanks
  10. Hello, I'm Alberto, 31ys old Padi Divemaster/DsdLeader, going for IDC soon. Photography enthusiast, but since I discovered Underwater Photography this became my obsession. Unfortunately I'm not super wealthy so I struggle to get a proper rig done. I share with you my "poor man uw photo rig" but I'm still quite happy with it because I think I got some nice shots: - Sony Nex-3 (18-55) - Polaroid Dive Rated Underwater Housing (horrible...) - Sea&Sea YS-17 - Flexarm + various brands tray, clamps, and arms. Attached some super compressed photos taken this month int Thailand with the rig above Cheeeers
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