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  1. I'm also looking at the possibility of adding an Inon D-2000 to my Canon S50 setup, which is a WP-DC300 housing and a Sea&Sea Motormarine 16mm wide angle lens. Has anyone used the Inon Clear Photo System with this setup? Sample underwater photos would be great
  2. Thanks Mike. You must be referring to Long Beach on P.Kecil, the only place with nightlife on the small island
  3. Thanks Karl You actually can advance through the large photos. Clicking on the photo will take you to the next photo.
  4. from my recent dive trip: www.andylim.com/aqua click on Perhentian 2005 to view enjoy
  5. Hi Stephane You've got great photos, especially since it was taken with the built-in flash! I never seem to get good results with built-in flash on my Canon S50. Too much backscatter. That's why all my shots use only natural light. I may get an Ikelite or Sea & Sea strobe eventually.
  6. Hi David, I moved the items that were at the bottom a little higher (actually it's just a link to my main website). I think you should be able to see it without it being cropped off now Thanks again for letting me know.
  7. Hi David Thanks for the feedback! I prefer Perhentian Island to Redang Island, in my opinion it has more marine life. The accommodation is generally not as luxurious as on Redang though. I designed the site to fit even on a 800x600 screen, so I'm not sure why your 1024x600 (or 768?) screen is not showing the whole site. The front page doesn't need a scrollbar as it's just the clownfish photo containing 5 links. On the pop-up window where the camera appears, there's no scrollbar but it's designed to fit everything in without the need to scroll. Are you using a browser other than Internet Explorer?
  8. Thanks Ted! I've just updated my site with the underwater photos taken in Perhentian Island. Check it out: www.andylim.com/aqua I've improved the navigation method slightly. On the popup window where the large images appear, clicking on the image leads you to the next image, instead of closing the window. I hope to get a strobe soon.
  9. Ahh... I think it's the ad-blocking or popup-blocking software that's causing the popups not to pop up A quick fix would be to temporarily disable that software just to view the site, and then enable it again later. I promise, there are no ads on my website As a long term solution however, I will try to improve the navigation and viewing method.
  10. Thanks Karl and Ted, glad you liked my website! I'll be uploading my latest trip photos to the "camera" soon. Yes, clicking on the LCD will pop up a window with the enlarged photo. I'm not sure exactly why it behaves differently on your computer. Perhaps you have Javascript turned off? The site requires Javascript turned on to work (this is the default setting on most computers).
  11. Hey Karl You have a fantastic gallery! I'll be getting a strobe eventually. Right now my photos are all using available light only.
  12. I just got back from the Perhentian islands. Tried out my Canon S50 in WP-DC300 underwater housing and Sea & Sea 16mm wide angle lens. Here are 2 sample photos:
  13. Hi Lanxx I won't be going to Singapore anytime soon. If it's not too much trouble, can you let me know how much your WP-DC300 adaptor extends outwards? How many cm from inner rim to outer rim? Does anyone have any idea what the differences are between the DC300 and DC100 adaptors?
  14. Hi guys Thanks for the feedback. I'm from Malaysia, but I got the adapter and lens from Sea & Sea Singapore. Lanxx, I've pushed the adapter as far as it can go onto the housing. Question is, when using the WAL and zooming in to remove the vignetting, did you manage to get a wider view than the widest angle on your camera (without the WAL)? If I need to zoom in a bit to get rid of the vignetting (black corners) then the wide angle lens would have been a waste of money. I wouldn't be able to get the widest possible view, which was my intention. Davephdv, if Lanxx has the same problem even with the correct adapter, this may be an uncorrectable problem. Any ideas?
  15. I'm getting a vignette at the widest angle setting with this setup: - Canon WP-DC300 underwater housing for Canon S50 - Sea & Sea Conversion lens adaptor for WP-DC100 - Sea & Sea WCL-16 wide conversion lens (16mm) The guy at the shop I bought it from told me that they had run out of stock for the adaptor for WP-DC300, so he sold me the adaptor for WP-DC100. He said that this fits too, which was true. But upon placing my S50 into the housing, with the adaptor and lens on, I noticed serious vignetting on the LCD at the widest angle setting. I haven't used it underwater yet. Has anyone experienced this problem? Do you think that it has anything to do with the fact that I'm using the adaptor for DC100 instead of DC300? Thanks in advance. Andy
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