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  1. Bigblue 9000-Lumen Underwater Video Light, Model CB9000P Two (2) lights available. Purchased December 2018, includes LED light, rechargeable battery, battery charger. In excellent working condition. $500 USD each. SPECIFICATIONS 900/2250/4500/9000 Lumens 5000K white light 500-Lumen Red Light 120° Beam Angle Chip on Board White LED, 6x XPE Red LEDs Push-button side switch Runtime: 1.5-15 Hours Rechargeable Battery Pack Anodized Aluminum Housing Depth Rating: 328" Measures 5.3" x 2.5" Buoyancy -9.6 ounces
  2. In a D-200 I use the Nikon brand EN-EL3e battery (Li-ion 7.4V 1500 mA-h). Alternate brands advertise direct replacements with 2200 mA-h advertised. Does anyone have experience using the higher mA-h batteries? I've been using a D-200 for a few years and understand that battery life is impacted based on how I set up the camera (eg control panel backlight on continuous) or which lens is used 105 VR consumes more. I am curious if the higher mA-h batteries extend life with all other things being equal.
  3. I've used a system for about three years that carries the camera and protects it as well on smaller boats with no other facilities. It is compact for travel, weighs virtually nothing and is inexpensive. The "bag"was obtained at Wallmart (diaperbag, canvas with a metal supprort), kids swimming aids, and a shoulder strap from a lap top bag. It fits easily in my dive bag (less than 1") weighs less than a lb and provides an air cushion around the housing once "assembled". The images attached show the set up without a camera but the bag holds a D-200 Ike housing set up with two strobes.
  4. I have the Ike housing and D 200 as well. I have over 100 dives with my rig, I do back roll entries with camera in hand , dive the Galapagos in current and ride day boats in Cozumel with my camera on the deck (in a protective carrying bag I made) all with the 8" dome attached. Nary a problem...... Only problem I had was cleaning my gear in the tub in my hotel room after a dive. I inadvertently loosened one of the latches and oops. Thank goodness there was little damage done.
  5. When I needed housing for my new D-200 I did my due diligence and searched WP forums and the internet to educate myself. I settled on an Ikelite housing as it suited my needs and I felt that beyond the obvious price point advantage the ability to see the O-Ring seal was a real asset. One of the "additional" factors effecting my decision was the numerous threads on this forum espousing the service after the sale that Ike offered. I recently experienced that exemplary service when I had an issue with my 105 mm port. The details are really not as relevant as the overall experience so I won't bore you. What I do want to convey is that Ikelite is a first class company that takes care of its customers and if a problem does occur they error to the customers side of the equation. I was happy with my purchase before.......... I am confident it was the right choice now.
  6. I must admit my first reaction was to not say a thing in answer to loftus question in this thread “I've heard they're a bit of a cattle boat; anyone on this forum been on it?†It is not a comfortable position to be associated with the "ugly" boat that is an “eyesore†in St Croix waters that people won't even board for $600.00 a week as described by others. Particularly when related to a diver DCI story. (I do hope the report the diver will recover fully is accurate as this is truly the most important thing surrounding this unfortunate event) I will take it on face value that Loftus is asking the question in the spirit of wondering what the diving experience is like on a Nekton live aboard. My wife and I have been on both the Rorqual and Pilot on more than one occasion at multiple locations in the Caribbean. We enjoyed each of our trips with them, the accommodations were spacious and comfortable, the crew accommodating, the food tasty and diving as good as the location had to offer weather permitting. I do “get†the perception they are a cattle boat since the number of passengers comparatively is quite high. It is my opinion the dive deck is set up to handle the quantity of divers served and have had no more issues with entering and exiting the water with Nekton than with other live a board’s we’ve sailed. I would not hesitate recommending the Nekton cruises to my closest dive buddies….that being said … we have also dived with Aggressor, Explorer, and the Bilikiki all over the world and not had a bad experience yet.
  7. George, Personally I like the shot. Even if you were using props not endemic to the region. Kind of needs a title though.... something like ribbon of life Jim
  8. Ikelite has treated me right. I have a D-200 with Ike housing and dual Inon Z220 strobes. I Shoot primarily with the 8" dome and 105VR flat port (105 VR lens & 60mm lens). Since March of 2006 I have a little over 100 dives with thousands of images in warm and cold waters (all recreational limits) with no problems. In my opinion the ability to see the camera/o-rings inside the housing is a distinct advantage and the quality of the "plastic" construction is not even an issue as it exceeds the "application" requirements. My rig handles very well under water (10" arms) and I don't even think about it's buoyancy because it has never been an issue. Travel/luggage is another advantage. The light Ike housing combined with the light weight and small Inon strobes I can carry on all my lens housing camera and strobes plus my laptop reading materials and snack food on small planes to remote locations. I do have to pack batteries (AA with Inon), chagers, strobe arms and focus light with my dive gear but the fragile expensive stuff stays within eyesight. Ike upgraded the 8" dome port for deeper depths after I had already purchased. They offered the upgrade at no charge and picked up the postage to send it to me............ That should tell you something about how they do business. I purchased my underwater camera stuff through Ryan at Reef Photo and have been pleased with them as well. Jim
  9. Has anyone used the D-200 housing with 60mm lens and the Ike 5505-46 (new 105 VR port). From reading the comments in this thread it appears it will work fine. I wanted to confirm as I will be traveling soon and would prefer to not bring an extra port that isn't necessary. If I can definitely use the same port for both the 105mm VR and 60mm great, if no one has experience with this combination I will experiment with both ports and experiment. I would really appreciate any advice. Photofantasea (aka jim)
  10. Thanks for the heads up........ I purchased a used Z-220 from Fun-in.com and am waiting for it to arrive via postal delivery. The lead for this strobe came from the wetpixel classifieds so many thanks to "bursprak" for pointing me to the Z-220. So far Fun-in has performed well..... I look forward to receiving the strobe I'm impressed by willingness of wetpixel members to help a fellow member!!! Photofantasea
  11. Great lead on the Z-220 Thanks a bunch for the link !!!! Photofantasea
  12. Andy, Thanks for the tip, I'll keep my eye out on ebay
  13. Looking for the strobe only (no arms, cords) prefer Inon models D-180 or Z220 need to be in good to excellent working condition. Please email me using the member email link Thanks Photofantasea
  14. I tried the posted email address, it bounced back. Would you sell just one strobe? How much? You can email me your response through the wetpixel member email link Thanks! Photofantasea
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