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  1. Did anyone ever judge the last of the Old Format photo comp? it says judged soon but has since been locked off
  2. The Image was a snap shot and unplanned, this particular "model" has a tolerance for posing which is shorter than a goldfishes memory span! you should see the shots of her I have "posing" behind a Gorgonian at 42m ... she's watching her computer for deco info! :roll: I'll post the version of the cave shot that I settled on in the end
  3. I Took this shot in Vanuatu on a recent holiday, I think the shot has potential ... I like it, but I haven't been able to edit it in anyway that I'm actually really happy with yet, to see the best I've come up with click HERE in the meantime this is as big as the forum restrictions will allow me to post it so suggestions on how to improve it (if possible) will be appreciated, I think the overexposed sunbeam is just too much to overcome but would like suggestions anyway, the image I have posted here is unedited, the image in the link has had some colour correction, sharpening and backscatter removal done in photoshop 7
  4. I want that guy in the middles Job! :mrgreen:
  5. I Dunno, if you didn't notice it taking your trousers off that night you'd have to notice it putting them on again the next morning!
  6. Wobbies are evil! :twisted: I don't trust them at all! I'm always VERY cautious when I try to take pictures of them, the least little move from them and I'm outta there! and the buggers sure can grow! there's some huge ones down around Jervis Bay, this one time, at band camp (ooops wrong story) this one time I was in fish rock cave, and I saw my buddy lining up to take a pic of a Spanish dancer, every fin movement she made was kicking a big Wobby in the head, I tried attracting her attention but she was too focussed, I gave up and watched but the wobby just lay there taking a beating :| I think the funniest wobby story was when I was diving in JB once and a diver was standing on the bottom when all of a sudden his legs were spread apart as about an 8 foot wobby decided that the diver in the way of where it wanted to go wasn't any obstacle so just swam straight through his legs from behind! but for all there unpredictability they are pretty cool!
  7. Beautiful shot! having recently spent a week chasing Anemone Fish around Vanuatu I can appreciate how difficult it is to get a good shot! I never realised how much shutter lag my Camera had until I tried for the Anemone fish pictures .... I have so many shots of "Fish Bums" you wouldn't believe it! man they are quick! this was one of the better shots of my trip
  8. Just in case anyone was wondering, I ended up getting a replacement Cord sent over from Ikelite and I received it within 4 days of sorting it out with Ike, I was very happy with this! Now that I had a new cord I thought I may as well investigate the old cord so pulled it apart to discover two broken wires at the end of the metal fitting on the Cable Gland, my best guess is that I must have hit something with it or bent it too hard, unfortunately I didn't take note of which end was which before taking it off my housing so don't know wether it was the strobe or housing end.
  9. I think the title of this thread should be changed as it would seem the problem can be more attributed to operator error rather than the "Damn DS-125", I, like many others that have posted here, am very happy with my strobes and also the Ikelite service!
  10. Probably two different photos neither of which had a title. Oh Duh! now I feel really stupid! :oops:
  11. Congrats! Just a couple of questions ... how can 1 photo place first AND second? and what does That mean? no one entered a photo??
  12. Well I took it to work and the Sparky put his magic meter thingy on it and we had one set of pins that came and went as you wiggled the cable, looks like a broken wire somewhere maybe Thanks for the help guys and ike I'll send you an email to sort out the best way to get this thing to you .... anyone want to sponsor me a trip from Aussie to USA? :?
  13. Thanks Ike I'll Print it out and take it in to work with the back of my housing and the cord and let the electricians play with it, I removed the camera quite a few times from the housing during the holiday but the fault although intermittant was there for most of the time, i.e. it happened every dive so I don't think it would be a contact problem as I can't have stuffed up the hotshoe location EVERY dive! :| I'll let you know if I find anything
  14. Hi all I have just come back from a weeks diving in Vanuatu, very nice! but while I was over there my strobe didn't always work when I needed it to! I'm sure the problem is with the TTL cord as switching strobes didn't make a difference, but how do I test the Cord and what am I looking for in particular ... apart from the fact that it doesn't work! I've looked at the connections both ends and they look fine with no corrosion or anything. I have a Coolpix 5000 in a Ike housing with the Ike TTL cord. just as an aside, when I came back from the trip I had to open the housing to show customs some shells stored inside it ( don't start on me it was my female buddies idea of safe keeping :roll: ) and the housing had pressurised tight shut! I had to unscrew the dome port a bit to break the vacuum, what surprised me the most about this was that it was in the cabin with me as carry on baggage, and I hadn't had the same problem going over the week earlier when I also had it closed up and with me, how do people carry there housings normally? O rings in or out :?:
  15. I think you should have done the mask as well! and I agree with pretty much everything everyone has said so far, to me though the photos look like an advertisement for the mask rather than photos of a Seahorse
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