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  1. Final ID (99.9%) is that of a juvenile Microspathodon dorsalis (Giant Damselfish). Thanks to everybody for their collaboration.
  2. That is indeed a possibility to consider. Some local diver, who has not been able to totally id yet, told me it was from the Pomacentridae family and that locals call it a Zaphire Damselfis, which would id it as a Chrysiptera springeri...but further research indicates that he would be in the wrong part of the world as it's registered as only inhabiting the western pacific in tropical waters, unlike oour cold waters here in the southeastern pacific.
  3. This picture was taken off the central coast of Peru (Pucusana - Lima to be more precise). I've seen this fish several times before, but have not been able to ID it. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Good evening everybody...just recently started doing some underwater photography over here in Peru.
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