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  1. Is there an good underwater video tutorial online? Something like PhotoJoseph series or something but is a video tutorial that explains best practices on camera settings, composition, lighting etc but for underwater video? I found a great underwater photography guide here (link below if interested), but I can't seem to find anything relevant for underwater video. https://www.linkedin.com/learning/underwater-photography-wide-angle Would like something like this but for underwater video specifically (bonus if they teach settings specifically as it relates to GH5).
  2. As in the focus distance is too far or too close for macro? What lens would you suggest? the CMC that Nauticam sells?
  3. Hi everyone, I own a Nauticam GH5 rig right now and only shoot video. What would be better for me, the 7-14mm Panasonic Lens + Dome or 14-42mm pany + WWL-1? Which one would have better image quality when shooting video? I know about the soft corners issue with the 7-14mm, but given the 7-14mm is a nicer/more expensive lens, are the optics better? Does the WWL-1 option allow you to shoot macro without have to attach another wet lens? I read somewhere that if underwater you just take off the WWL-1, the 14-42mm automatically turns into a macro-ish lens? Can anyone advise? I currently own the 7-14mm + 60mm for macro, but a lot of the posts here seem to suggest that the 14-42mm + WWL-1 option is better for shooting video.
  4. Hi! Been a long-time lurker of the forums for several years but just joined. Currently a student. My gear is currently a GH-5 in Nauticam housing. Trying to build out of the rest of my set!
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