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  1. I use same camera with Nikon 12-24 and am very happy with it.
  2. I have a D80 and a Sea And Sea housing, and I am very happy with it. Having said that I don't think you will have a problem with the Ikelite or Subal or Nexus either. Just make sure their functions and capabilities suit your needs and go take some photos.
  3. I have about 60 dives on a D80 with Sea and Sea housing, dual YS-110's, Ultralight arms. I am very happy with it. I have a 12-24 WA zoom and 60mm Macro and the accompanying ports. There is a TTL converter available, but I do not have it as yet. I strongly recommend the 12-24, but would leave the choice of the 60mm or 105mm macro to you depending on the type and size of critters you most like to shoot. Enjoy.
  4. Hey: I thought I would put these up for some criticism to see what I can learn. Thanks, Bill
  5. Hey: Great photos! I"m going to Catalina in june, can't wait to get the camera wet there aftere seeing yourphotos. D80 in S and S housing. Bill
  6. Hey: Here are some 60mm macro lens pics and a WA French Angel. Bill
  7. Hey Scott, I guess I didn't remember reading about the flash synch. 1 duh for me. The S+ S strobes work fine for me when I set up manual correctly, usually after a couple peeks at the histogram. I do not as yet have the TTL converter but by my next trip in June I will, I think it will decrease my throwaways dramatically. It is my understanding that TTL is only good for Macro underwater as it doesn't have enough time to process the returned info in Wide Angle. Safe diving, Bill
  8. Thanks everyone, I really appreciate it. I couldn't figure out the straight line across and I missed the flash synch. Thanks again, Bill
  9. Hello: I was wondering if any of you more experienced uw photographers can explain the following photo. I have several similar photos shot under similar circumstances, i.e. 200 ISO, 1/500, f16. Nikon D80, Sea and Sea DXD80 housing, twin YS-110 strobes. There seems to be a varying degree of "shading" when I shoot Manual with high shutter speed and f16 or higher aperture. I have no clue what is causing this and I hope it is something simple that I have overlooked. Thanks for the help. Bill
  10. Hi, Another source for Christolube is Scubatools.com. They have both 111 and 129. Anyone know the difference? Bill
  11. I began an informal poll of UW Photographers at Our World Underwater, Dive and Travel show, in Chicago 2 weeks ago. Here is the question: If you were only going to buy 1 Macro lens and port etc. would it be the 60 mm or the 105mm? I know in a way that it is a dumb question since neither divers or photographers can keep their mits off of the latest, newest or niftiest piece of gear and I haven't been able to walk out of a dive shop/camera shop without spending some money either, but consider it an exercise. I've asked both pros and amateurs and though i am not surprised by the poll results so much as how adamant the defence of their choice. Its about 50-50 right now. Bill
  12. Just joined Wet Pixel today and the first post I come across gave me some info I really needed. My Sea and Sea port has some very small scratches in it, but I didn't want to have to send it to the dealer. After reading the post and replies I feel confident that I can handle it with the info and products recommended there. Thanks to all of you and Wet Pixel Bill
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