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  1. Based on your description, it sounds like something is shorting out the push button switches. If you're using your Canon housing, first try taping over the rear four contacts as shown under the How can I use a TTL sync cord to provide manual flash only? instructions on the FAQ Cerianthus referenced. Nikon instructions are also that page. Sony hot shoe information is not on our wiring FAQ, but you can first try taping off the front two contacts, leaving only the two towards the back of the camera exposed (G and F1 in the iISO diagram on this page). If water has gotten onto the circuitry somehow, you will need to disconnect the bulkhead and hot shoe wires from the circuitry, then bypass the circuitry by splicing the white wires (trigger) and black wires (ground). I hope this information helps you get through your trip, we can definitely provide a long-term solution on your return. I'll keep tabs on this thread. You can also email ikelite@ikelite.com which multiple people monitor! Jean
  2. For a very brief time we switched to an adhesive tape that is also used in major applications such as airplanes. We had hoped that this would be an even more reliable and easily replicated assembly process than the industrial glue we have always used. This tape was tested extensively in house for over a year to make sure that it would not break down over time or due to impact. Unfortunately a few have broken apart, apparently due to some unknown and random contamination of the material. We have seen a much larger number that are still very securely bonded with no signs of loosening. We have long since switched back to our gluing method that has worked for decades, so there is no fear of new ports exhibiting similar behavior. We not only replace ports that return with this problem, but also repair/replace any equpiment damaged due to it. We always strive for the highest quality in our products. As nobody is perfect, we always appreciate the opportunity to correct equipment failure. Jean / Ikelite
  3. From our electronics engineer: Please send the system in when you return from your trip so we can fix everything immediately and make sure it's ready for your next trip. Jean
  4. Finally can see the picture, this kind of damage is definitely not normal. Usually something like that only occurs when there is some kind of major impact to the strobe's battery pack. But it could have also been a random weakness in the plastic. Please return both the strobe head and battery pack as soon as possible for evaluation and repair. Jean
  5. Sorry, but that is not a supported combination. And if it were attached to the camera housing, it would probably autofire. The good news is that you can buy a new DS-125 for less than you probably paid for just the strobe housing! Jean
  6. I still cannot see the picture... ? Please e-mail to jean@ikelite.com. Jean
  7. You can connect your SB105 with a #4116.31 sync cord and use the strobe in manual mode. No modification to the housing is required.
  8. Ikelite does intend to offer a housing for this camera, but we haven't been able to obtain one yet. Once we get the camera, we will evaluate the TTL system and wide-angle options, and try to have a housing on the market as soon as possible.
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