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  1. No insult taken. I have to admit, after the second dive I thought of the same thing (AF switch) and felt pretty sheepish looking. It was in the correct mode though. As far as the camera trying to focus, I don't know. Underwater you don't hear anything and looking through the view finder is a challenge at best. The camera focuses better than I do looking through it most times. In response to the other comments of a +4 diopter. I did NOT have or know about this. What is it and are there other similar items that I should have known about? Joel, what lens are you using now and what were the big differences? Tim
  2. I was using the stock kit lense, AF-S NIKKOR 18-70mm 1:3.5-4.5G and a 6" dome port.
  3. Folks, just came back from my first session with the new equipment and some interesting issues. I upgraded from a small Sea and Sea film set up to a Nikon D70, Ikelitte housing and dome, Ikelite DS-50 flash and assorted bits. I used the Aperture mode for most of the shots and they turned out fine. However, I could not get the camera to focus (and therefore would not shoot) at any distance less than 6 ft. I tried the Automatic and macro modes and neither would fire. Any thoughts on the cause and directions to appropriate resources would be greatly appreciated.
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