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  1. Hi All, Had a week now with the new YS90 Auto strobe, so far I am really happy with it. I have mostly been shooting macro all week as I am on Boracay Island where most of the shots are macro. Results are very good, I really appreciate how easy it is, the real test will be next week on the Tubataha reefs where the big critters and visability are amazing. I have found no problems if I have over exposed or under exposed its really easy just to turn the flash up / down an F position, whilst leaving the camera unchanged Another question, does anyone know what range of shutter speeds the flash is able to work with, there isnt anything in the user guide except to use ASA100 for the film (as the flash calculates on that) Thanks, and by the way the flash was purchased from hawain Internation Divers in Shinjuku, I think that they have a web site where you can order stuff, so if anyone would like to get this why not try there as it seems to be the cheapest deal around. // Kye
  2. I have just picked up one of the YS90 Auto strobes in Tokyo, cost was 39,000 yen or 320 dollors. Been playing around with it out of the water and it seems quite good, easier to set up as you dont have to think so much which is a bonus for me .. Heading to the Philipines now for a week in the Tubataha reefs off the coast of Palawan, will post an update on the strobe when I get back. I got rid of the YS90DX that I had previously to get this flash, hope that it is easier to use. Camera is a Oly 5050. //Kye www.wahay.net kyep@wahay.net
  3. Paul, I have been to Palau Layang 3 times, it is an excellent destination, great corals, good viz and from what I remember lots of stingrays. Only thing was it was very time consuming to get their from my home in Singapore. //Kye
  4. Some advice! I recently purchased a sea&sea strobe YS90DX to use with my Olympus 5050. I would like to now use TTL with this strobe by buying a new housing such as the Ikelite model, however I heard that the YS90DX cannot work in TTL mode with a digital camera, is this true ? do I need to stick with the synch cable and manual mode ? If so can someone recommend a good strobe that can work with similiar features to the YS90? Thanks in advance, Kye Kyep@wahay.net
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