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  1. Camera was sold, Topic closed. Ikelite housing remains available, opened a new post for that with Price update: Greetings, M.
  2. Oh, I‘m sorry, I should have thought to provide the article numbers from the start! here we go: Ikelite housing #6871.03 ikelite Port #5510.11 I also forgot, I include a leakage warning system as well. greetings M.
  3. Hello, I am selling my Ikelite underwater housing for a Canon 5D Mark III. The housing is almost new, I only took it on 20 dives or so. I’d sell it complete with: - Port (I used a Tokina 10-17mm with it) - And a 5” Acrylic Dome Price: 750$ + 50$ shipping worldwide (from Italy) For pictures, pls contact me. Greetings, Martin
  4. Hello, I am selling my Ikelite Housing (#6871.03 - Serial 43217) for the Canon 5D Mark III including: a 5“ Dome „TOK“ Port #5510.11 Leakage warning system (audio + flashing light upon water contact) The set comes in its original packaging. Mint condition, I only took it on an estimated 20 dives. I am selling because I am changing to a mirrorless camera. That being said, I can also offer a bundle of the Ikelite Housing, port and dome including: my Canon 5DMKIII (shuttercount: ca. 26.500, will give up to date info when someone is interested) and Tokina 10-17 f3.5-4.5 DX (which I used with this setup) If you like to see photos, pm me with your Email and I will come back at you. International shipment possible, just know that customs may apply depending on the destination. Sell price: Set A: Ikelite Housing, 5“ Dome and Port: 1200$ + shipment Set B: Ikelite Housing, 5“ Dome, Port, Canon 5DMKIII + Tokina 10-17mm lens: 2.750$ + shipment It’s not the right forum, but if anyone just wants to buy the camera, feel free to pm me anyway! Gear location: Northern Italy. Shipment cost: depending on destination + package weight. We will find an agreement I’m sure. =) Best regards, Martin G.
  5. Taken with a Canon 5D MK3, Ikelite housing
  6. A truly magical divespot in Val Dastico, Italy.
  7. Hey folks! Martin here, been diving since 2010. Until now im using my canon 5d mkiii in an ikelite housing. Greetings, M.
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