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  1. Lowered price to $300. Buyer pays shipping.
  2. For Sale Canon G-12 underwater photo system: Canon G12 in very good shape. Ikelite housing #6146.12-has access to all controls. Boxes, manuals, two extra batteries one extra charger for camera. Upgraded to a Canon SL2 UW system. Asking $500. Link to a photo album of pictures taken with the G12 and Ikelite housing: https://dubi.smugmug.com/Everyday-Life/2018-06-Cozumel-Invasion-Danny/
  3. Did you have the flash turned off? Also use a dessicant packet inside your housing and keep your camera housing out of a cold hotel room. We found more moisture problems if the housing was open in our room vs keeping on the warm patio.
  4. A family photo from our January Curacao dive trip. I'm Mary, and obviously the only female in the photo. We have been diving together as a family for 12 years and it has been a wonderful, albeit expensive, hobby.
  5. This is a biggie. I end up with a sawtooth profile and my ears are killing me after a week of diving!
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