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  1. Hi Dean, no it is not possibel because the Housing is really Customfit and smaller and less heavy then Gates ectt.. But Sealux has a separte Housing in Plan for the Nano Flash Recorder. But I dont know when they release it. regards Michael I forgot to tell you.. The Housing are manually controlled and additional a few Functions like Record, Zoom ect are electronic Controls. It means in Case teh Electronics not working, you can control all manually too. regards Michael
  2. Hello Pro´s, I have a Sealux Housing for Sale for the Sony EX1 Video Cam. The Rig has a External Monitor, Plan Port, Filter and a Fathom 120 Degree Port. I bought this 15 Months ago and I used this Rig only twice. The Reason for that is. I got a Son and realise it is impossibel to travel with a Baby and this Pro Housing. So at least I deside to sell it, otherwise it will be in my Home without to use it. The Hosuing look brand new and the Port is Brand new. The Port was replaced by Fathom a few Month ago, because the first one has some Reflections. So all of this Rig is in a very good Condition, like a new one. The New Price include Fathom Port, Extrenal Monitors, all Cables, Charger is arround 9000 Euro and I will offer that for only 5500 Euro. All technical Details you can find on: http://www.sealux.de/e/pdf/E-HDEX1-Stand-14.05.2009.pdf The Camera is also for sale. This looks also brandnew. Newest Firmware 1.2 and extra large Batteries, External Fast Charger and also 2 x 16GB SXS Cards Original. Price new: 7300 USD bought by EC Professional in Manhattan. I will offer this for 3750 Euro. Camera has still 1Year Warranty trough MAC Camera Insurance. But I sell the Camera only with the Housing or after the Housing is sold. Payment can be made in Euro or USD. When in USD then we use actually Exchange Rate on www.oanda.com, Shipping worldwide. I´m from Germany. For People who has the Sony EX1R, they can coustimize the housing for this for a couple of hundred USD. I can help in that Case, because the Manufacturer is just a few Hours away from my House. When somebody is really interested I can send a few Pictures. Best regards Michael
  3. They told me just that they heard this same Problem from a few other users. It shows up when they dive in Big Currents. They have no Idea how they fix, but I will send it in and hoep they replace it. Best regards Michael
  4. Dear Blufin Users, More Problems shows up with my XR520 Blufin Housing. I was in Polynesia to filming Humpack Whales. For sure it was great, but my Housing makes again Problems. Now with the Microphone. Always when i dive down it shows me" Please click in the Microphone to record Audio." I was short before coming Crazy. I tried everything without any good result. Click in click out .... It is always the same, even during a Scuba Dive. The Result in Audio Records is that I loose temporaly Seconds of Audio when this Problems shows up. It looks like with a undefinied Pressure, the Microphone doesnt work. Again I have 3 older Blufin Housing with me the last Years and I never got the Problem. The Answear from L&M was that a few Users have this Problems when they Dive in big Currents.... So what I want to know is, is ther anybody who have the Same Problem.. Best regards Michael
  5. At least I heard that Fathom replace the rear Lense of the WP80. I heard also that Gates has not this Problem, because L&M has done the Job not very well. The Camera is to far from the lense, thats why the Vignetting coming up. I´m not sure, but when I forward the Camera a little then I have no Problems with Vignetting. Problem Filters didnt work then and also Touch Screen has Problems. I have 4 Housings from L&M but this is the first one wher I be very disapointed. So much Money and promises and then this Kind of Problems. Hope they wil came up with a Solution soon. Otherwise I meet them during the Dema Show. regards Michael
  6. Wow I was surprised that my Orginal Post encrease a lot. I´m very interested on any News about this Point. I also will contact Fathom Imaging to hear whats happen right now. Post it later.. Best regards
  7. Hi togheter, below the Answear from Light & Motion. So let us test out is it working or not. Only about the Reflection Ihave to double check on the next Trip and when I finaly looked at my complete Footage.. Cheers for now Michael Hello Michael, The Vignetting is caused when the camcorder is set to 'Active' stabilization mode. The resolution is to set the camcorder to Standard stabilization or to turn it off. The systems have been tested with the stabilization set to Standard and Off and there is no vignetting. Feel free to contact me if you need more information. Best Regards, Paul Barnett
  8. not yet lemon, only point what I di was uploading on my Computer and sort out. May next 2 Weeks. My Job are to busy right now. regards Michael
  9. I was not using the Filter the Whole Trip. So it can not be. I contacted LIGHT & Motion today and hope thhey will response on that. I will post it hear then.. regards Michael
  10. Hi Mike, I undersatnd what you mean and sure it can be happen. But look at this Picture it has the Same but on the left side. regards Michael
  11. Dear Simon and Dan, with the Focus I have to check my Footage tommorow., but I never had this Problem with my HC7 before. About the Vignetting, yes the other Video has this too. My Dealer told me that is a Problem of the Active Steady Shot. When the Active Mode is on then it looks when you move the Camera that the Lense follow slower as the Main Movement. I do not know how I can explain it right, but I was hopping somebody has tested or can say its defnetly not the Problem of the Active Steadyshot. regards Michael
  12. Here are two Pics with who showing my Problem. Dolphin Picture with Reflection and Fish School with black Edge on the right side. Sorry for bad Quality I just copyed teh first Image what I found.
  13. Hi togheter, I just come back from a Galapagos Trip and realizing that a lot of my Footage has following Problems. 1. Very often Black Corners on the Edge 2. Very often light reflection on right or left corner. I was using a Blufin Housing Pro for the Xr520 togheter with Fathom Optics. I heard that the active Steadyshot is the Reason for the black Corners when using a Wide Angel, but is there somebody who use same Equipment and has tested already? Thanks for any comment Michael
  14. Dear Henrik, in Bavaria Germany. I send you a Pm for exact Adress. Regards Michael
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