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  1. Pm and email sent - I am interested in the 28-60 port
  2. @trybedoor And @Patrick Hussre: thx for contacting me - unfortunately I can’t see your dm. I already contacted the admin. Please write me here
  3. Hi, i am currently in Australia in Brisbane and in Perth The Crew of a dive boat destroyed One of my Inon z240 strobes (bin crack in The plastic and now flooding)… please offer what you have. I would consider also buying two strobes. Thank you
  4. @ shanesmith.photos Thanks for your feedback! Dolphis swimming towards you is a great test! Whats you opinion about the adapter? I have the feeling that Sigma is better / faster than Metabones. I recently bought the Canon 8-15 and I will try it hopefully soon in Australia...
  5. Sony Pancake 16mm and Fisheye/Wide Angle, Sony 10-18mm, Sigma 30mm 1.4, Zeis Touit Macro 50mm
  6. @ChrisRoss and @waterpixel Thanks for the replies and the picture!!! It's true that there are actually two issues here: 1. I wouldn't say that autofocus always works well but definitely acceptable and sometimes good. In the CFWA (close range) but unfortunately always not at all.... The firmeware of the adapter is up to date - I had tried extra before the trip and was then under water very perplexed about the occurring problem. What I will also do on my next dive, of course, would be the Metabones adapter instead of the Sigma MC-11 adapter to use. This I also still have from my former combi of Tokina 10-17 in use but not used for a long time. 2. you can certainly live with the blur, if you sharpen in the later image processing. Is there again an article or a diagram etc. on wetpixel that gives around the diffraction blur enlightenment? I have honestly, beyond test images in the close range, not yet tried the combination on land - that is certainly also a good idea times to produce similar shots as under water and then compare the sharpness. But I think I remember a cool series of photos from Venice in a castle with Sigma 15mm and Sony A7R III and it was also not 100 percent sharp. Is there anyone who has real field experience with the Sigma 15mm and higher resolution Sony cameras?
  7. Hi, there is just a few ports (10-18 Wide angle and Macro port) and lenses left. Are you interested? Best regards
  8. Hi Danny, I am also stumbling a bit with a fisheye for Sony right now.... I had the setup of Sony A1 with Sigma-MC-11, Nauticam 35.5 adapter 100 to 120 and Sigma 15mm with 140mm glass dome just in Indonesia use and was absolutely dissatisfied with the autofocus at close range. Clownfish were already problematic. The lens just didn't focus at close range at all. I also had the impression that it could not handle the full resolution of the Sony A1. Whether I will now go for the significantly more expensive 8-15mm from Canon incl. required extension ring, I don't know.... With your described preferences Ican probably recommend the Sigma 15mm as long as your autofocus keeps up, which I suspect especially with the fisheye. Does anyone else have similar experiences with the focus in the close range under water as I do with the 15mm from Sigma. On land it focuses perfectly at close range. Attached a photo of a normal sized moray eel where the focus just came along but that was already the limit. I could not get any closer.
  9. I am offering a brand new housing with accessories for immediate use without conversion etc for the Sony Alpha A7R III that was purchased in December 2020 and even still has full manufacturer warranty. It has not been in the water due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Manufacturer is the German quality forge BS Kintetics (more than 20 years company history in underwater housing construction). Asking price is 3900 Euro VB. I already had the big Domeport. This one was checked for scratches and nothing was found that would affect the image quality. The macro ports were specially made and are also new and have never been in the water. They can be used with standard 50mm or 90mm Sony lenses. I also had it matched to the Tamron 90mm with Metabondes or MC11 adapters, as I like the lens above the previous two from the bokeh. I also had the Tamron 17-35mm and the Sigma 15mm Fisheye matched to the body combination along with MC-11 adapter and Metabones respectively. A zoom ring is included for the Tamron 17-35mm wide angle. The Sony 16-35mm can be used with the housing in the same way. Two Sea and Sea 110 strobes including Nikonos dual cables are also included. There is also a snoot attachment, domes for the strobes and a fluo filter as well. I also had a cold shoe attachment for a focus light attached for macro photography. A corresponding mount is also included. Everything has been tested for leaks in the pressure chamber. The strobes do not need to be removed. I would have liked to sell the rest together. For an additional charge everything and camera equipment and lenses would be included. International shipping is no problem. Test in Munich in a lake is possible. Please PM. This underwater housing is made of high strength carbon fiber. The use of carbon fibers gives these underwater housings mechanical properties very similar to steel without sacrificing the advantages of plastics. The composite material is resistant to corrosion, weathering, aging and chemicals. It is very light, an advantage that is especially important when traveling by air with the corresponding luggage regulations.
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