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  1. Housing and Ports are sold. Camera and lens still for sale.
  2. Thank you very much for your comments! I bought the Z-240 and we will see what happens in three weeks egypt :-) Do you think a domeport for the Z-240 will spread the light better for preventing hotspots?
  3. I can sell cables (1. ikelite to nikonos, 2. dual Ikelite to ikelite, 3. dual Ikelite to nikonos 5 pin) as well:
  4. Hello, For sale (everything on that table and the photos above): Canon 5D mark II , 3 batteries + external charger + a lot of Memory-Cards; Ikelite housing; Canon Wide Angle Lens 17-40 mm; Domeport; 100 mm Macro Port; A lot of fitting accessories Excellent conditions. Options available (ask for price). I would be happy to sell everything together (but if you donĀ“t want camera and lens it is not a problem). Please feel free to ask for more photos or detail photos. I am shipping worldwide.
  5. Thanks for your response! I will try to get a better connecting part with a 3d printer. Here you go with my laser-construction:
  6. Hello, does anyone have experience in combining Inon Z-240 and D-200? Is there a even light or ist there a big difference between the two light sources (if you shoot for example a huge animal like a shark on sandy bottom)? Thanks a lot! Michael
  7. Hello, does anyone have experience in building a own snoot with water tubes etc.? I tried to build one and also attached a laser pointer to see where to aim. But I have a problem to connect the plastic tubes with my strobes... Underwater it was falling off very often. Any tip or idea would be helpful! Thanks a lot :-)
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