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  1. I've been really happy with the performance of my Canon 16-35 with the metabones adapter on my Sony in terms of AF reliability, etc. in some pretty challenging land conditions. I got the adapter on a whim expecting pretty horrible results but it seems to be as functional as on my 5d3 and 1Dx. You say it's possible to use on the Sony, I guess I just need to do a little more in-depth research looking for extension tube compatibility. If it will work, I might as well go with the Sony 12-24 and just grab another extension tube for the 16-35 w/Metabones and see which I like better.
  2. 5d3 with 16-35 2.8L is my current underwater setup. It's the only place it gets used. A7R3 is my primary land camera. Canon 1Dx for other stuff. Question is, do I sell the 5d3 and housing/dome port and get a housing for the Sony? I'm thinking I don't need 3 cameras..... I'm not sure if it's possible to use the Sony with the Canon lens underwater as I'd need an extension that takes into account the Canon lens plus the Metabones adapter. To be honest I haven't looked, I'm not even sure where I'd need to start to figure out if it's feasible. The alternative is to pick up a Sony lens, either the 16-35 2.8, which I'm not super keen on as the entire front element moves, or the 12-24 4.0, which may be too wide for a large dome. I could still probably get a couple grand for the 5d3 and S&S housing/dome, although I doubt I could pay for the Sony equivalents straight out with the sale, even with extras. I'm not really into macro so sticking with wide-angle for now, shallow reef or caves are the most likely subjects. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  3. Had a rough couple days in Cozumel a couple months ago. Arrive on the island only to find out that my S&S TTL controller is D-E-D dead. Coupled with a hurricane passing by, we lost dive days and had to deal with some sporty currents, but at least had a little natural light. These aren't great, but considering the odds stacked against, they came out alright. I got a bunch more, but didn't want to flood the forum as a new poster. All images with were with a 5d3 in a Sea & Sea housing w/dome, 16-35 2.8L, no strobes so wide open aperture which unfortunately screws my DOF. I really don't like the way images look on the 5d3 at high ISO, so I opted for the DOF hit. Sadly the selfie is probably the best photo I got the whole week. ETA: Tried using imgur to keep the files off Wetpixel. Are imgur links not allowed? I was trying to save bandwidth on the site but I guess it's not possible to do that here?
  4. Howdy, posting here as advised. From the US, diving with a Canon 5d3 and S&S housing, but thinking about swapping over to my Sony A7R3.
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