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  1. Spotted Eel Jupiter, FL Crouching Diver Hidden Eel
  2. http://www.geocities.com/m1dive/index.html?1065385248929 angel Jupiter, FL wow, I think the picture actually loads now... feel free to rag on my photo. i need criticism. or if you like it, and ive done something right, positive feedback is always good.
  3. hey everyone, ive been poking around this site for the last 2 months and am now just realizing how advanced it is as soon as i finally registered which is today. sweet site i must say. my names jesse, im a 20 year old male from florida...i started diving about a year ago and i love it. . Until about a week ago i was taking photo's with a cheapo reusable camera i bought for 100 bucks...gotta start somewhere right? so last week i bought a reefmaster digital and havent been able to get off work to use it yet but i cant wait...even though its not a professional camera, and i know the quality of the pics i take arent gunna be that great im movin my way up the ladder. =] ill get there some day. but in the meantime ill enjoy looking at everyone else's AMAZING pictures. which is pretty cool anyways in it self cuz i am just blown away by some of the pictures ive seen from this site and others like it. alright im outta here, everyone have a good one
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