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  1. Sorry as stated above the strobed have gone now. The optic cables are now on ebay UK.
  2. Hi there. I've just had a look at the nauticam UK websit and this is what the clamps and arms sell new: 2x 200mm Nauticam Double Ball Arm = £42 x 2 = 84 2x 125 Nauticam Double Ball Arm = £37.00 x 2 = 74 7x Standard Clamp = 30 x 7 = £210 Totalling: £368 So I'd be happy to accept £250 Thanks, Dan
  3. Hi Alexx, Sorry for the delay, I didn't get a notification for your message. Thanks for the compliment. Everything is still available except the strobes. I will find out the camera shutter count. Dome? There is no port for sale unfortunately as it was "borrowed" by an ex, unbeknownst to me :-( Kind regards, Dan
  4. Hi all, Unfortunately I have to sell my rig I can no longer dive really anymore. I am based in Cambridge, UK. I bought the rig from Nauticam in the UK about 5 years ago and it's had approximately 120 dives, it's in a great condition as hopefully the photographs show. Breaking down the package. Some underwater shots I took with this can be found here: http://www.franklynjones.com/underwater-photography/ HOUSING Nauticam NA-7D housing for Canon 7D 4 x Jumbo Floats for 1.7 lbs. lift 2x 200MM Nauticam Double Ball Arm https://www.nauticam.com/products/200mm-double-ball-arm 2x 125 Nauticam Double Ball Arm https://www.nauticam.com/products/125mm-double-ball-arm 7x Nauticam Standard Clamp https://www.nauticam.com/products/standard-clamp 1x Nauticam Strobe Mounting Ball https://www.nauticam.com/products/strobe-mounting-ball-for-cold-shoe 1x Subsee +5 Diopter http://www.nauticam.co.uk/subsee-5-diopter/ 2x INON Z-240 Strobe - Type 4 http://www.nauticam.co.uk/inon-z240-strobe-type-4/ 2x Nauticam to Iron Optical Fibre Cable http://www.nauticam.co.uk/optical-fibre-cable-various-prices/ 1x Magnetic Diopter Mount for Nauticam Port 41 (Port Diameter 65mm) CAMERA Canon 7D Mark I 1x Canon EF 20mm f/2.8 lens 1x Canon EFS 60mm Macro lens 1x Canon battery 1x Tiffen UV protector for 60mm lens 2x 8gb extreme scan disk CF cards (60MB/s) 1x Sanyo Ni-MH Battery Charger 4x Eneloop HR-3UTGA 1.2V Batteries EXTRAS Various o-rings, nauticam grease, manual etc. Every aspect of this has been well looked after and kept in a dry smoke free environment. Everything to my knowledge is working perfectly from I have tested. Please feel free to ask any questions. All offers welcome! I have more pictures upon request as I was limited on what I could show here. Thanks!
  5. I think someone may have already suggested it, but if you're using that camera using RAW and adjusting the balance in some thing like lightroom or aperture will remove a lot of your headaches and is a perfectly acceptable method and is a lot cheaper and less frustrating than fiddling around with filters.
  6. This is a tricky one as I think in some areas it really would be a good idea , however would they really prevent that much damage? I really think things do need to be controlled a bit more from some of the things I've seen underwater.
  7. Mine was a Canon G10 with Ikelite housing and an Ikelite strobe...I really didn't like the housing at all and eventually moved on to Nauticam
  8. hey hey, I'm Dan - I've been diving for about 20 years now. I got into underwater photography about 7 years ago however I have to put it all behind me due to an accident. I love diving and work in helping to mitigate climate change.
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