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  1. I was in the same dilema as you. I started at inon s2000 and ended up with retra pros.... i had numerous people telling me the wide angle shots i wanted needed power and that you generally won't outgrow strobes untike other bits of your kit. i also managed to get some retra pros discounted as they're about to release the pro x strobes so might be worth seeing if you can get similar deal?
  2. Have sent email, the mind boggles that shark fishing in the maldives is a good idea. But i guess china paid for the bridge and the development on Hulhumale and are calling in their debts...
  3. I can't comment from a photagraphy aspect but i dived with 12dive and they're a very nice bunch.
  4. Hello All, Have been diving pretty consistently for 6 years with around 500 dives under my belt. finally decided to get a camera as some of the places i was visiting deserve to be photographed. I've gone out and got a sony rx100 m iv with a nauticam housing. looking to buy a wide angle lens next followed by strobes and arms etc. thanks again
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