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  1. Graham, Atomic sub frame with ARC lenses...... Yes, catastrophic failure at depth, skirt pulled away from the frame. Atomic Aquatics claim it's a really small percentage (as expected) and they have made changes to the design. I felt it should have been a recall because although I have many years of diving under my belt it was a real heart stopper when it happened. In the hands of someone with less experience I shudder to think. I must admit it was changed without question but it still begs the question should it be a recall. I haven't seen the new one yet and I'm not sure if anything distinguishes it from the old design. If you are buying one I'm not sure how you will know if it's old stock or the re-designed model! http://www.scubaboard.com/forums/fins-mask...ame-here-3.html All that said I still have great respect for Atomic products and their after sales service. regards....Brian
  2. Thanks for the responses, I guess I'll give it a little longer and hope I don't flood in the meantime...! Strange that it should take so long to sort e-mail troubles. Brian
  3. I recently insured my camera, strobes, lenses, etc. with DEPP insurance after reading all of the positive reports posted on Wetpixel. I faxed the completed forms as detailed on the first page and have heard no more from them. My credit card was debited on the 1st February for $671.50. I sent an e-mail to the address shown on their website but have not received a reply....? Could anyone let me know if they have received an insurance policy from DEPP and how long did it take from the time of completing and sending off the paperwork. thanks and regards....Brian
  4. Thanks very much Luiz, that's exactly what I was looking for, best regards.....Brian
  5. I remember some time back reading a thread on how people had tackled the problem of how to handle housings/strobes in and out of the water. Also about bags in which to keep the rigs while underway to and from dive sites in the tenders. I can't find the thread and would appreciate the link..?
  6. Thanks Okuma, Hartenberger have asked me to call when they open on Monday. I'll be sure to get as much information as I can.
  7. Simon, thanks for the quick reply and the link. I have some serious reading to do and will contact Subal/Hartenberger on Monday when they open for business. Checked out your website link, amazing photo's, you deserve all the accolades. On a different subject, I thought I had a strong stomach until I clicked play on your Japanese dolphin slaughter video. It brought tears to my eyes. How in the name of all things sacred could anyone do that to dolphins. I have signed petitions against this and shark finning in the past but still it goes on. When will they (Japanese) ever learn that the oceans are being rapidly depleated and this carnage is the most despicable form I have ever seen......
  8. I recently ordered a Subal ND2 (Nikon ND2Xs) housing and at the time of ordering hadn't decided which strobes to use. I read a lot (especially on Wetpixels) and after a couple of weeks decided on Hartenberger 250's. When I placed the order for the strobes I received a note from them which read "make sure you have iTTL adaptor in the housing"...? Panic...., should I have been asked at the time of placing the Subal order..? Is it too late to have one fitted..? I understood from all that I had read that TTL wasn't an option with the majority of DSLR's that it would all be manual from here on out.. Can anyone explain in relatively simple terms why I would need the adaptor. thanks in advance.
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