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  1. I have a almost new Olympus 12-50mm M4/3 Lens for sale. It has been used for around 50 shots. $350.00obo
  2. I also have the following ports for sale... Nauticam Macro Port for Panasonic 45mm Nauticam 4.33 Dome port for Panasonic 8mm
  3. I have a Nauticam NA-EM5 housing for sale. This housing has only been on a few dives in fresh water. I just don't do enough diving any longer to keep it. Comes with everything you would get when buying new, along with the original box. Original Price paid $1450 Asking $1250 obo
  4. The dome port is sold pending payment.
  5. I recently upgraded my system and looking to sell some misc equipment. I have the following for sale- Olympus Pt-Ep01 Housing $250.00 obo **Used on about 150 dives** Zen Underwater FP-100-EP Port for Panasonic 45mm $350.00 obo **Used on 2 trips and about 60 dives** Athena 100mm Dome Port for 8mm Fisheye lens $375.00 obo **Optical Glass Port**Have neo port cover as well** **Used on 2 trips and about 60 dives** All equipment in great condition. All orings have been replaced since last trip.
  6. I have used both and really found them to be equal for the most part and great products. For what ever reason I did find it much easier to focus with the sub +5. I could always get the inon to focus but my camera would hunt a lot longer than with the sub which for some may not be a issue but it drove me nuts. That could just be a olympus thing but not sure. I also found it a nightmare to focus with stacked inons and just gave up on that all together. I have heard the stached focus issue from a few people so I wouldn't let that be the deciding factor.
  7. Really disappointing that a dive company is supporting and doing this. Of all people you would think they wouldn't be doing it.
  8. I can agree with the other posters that it doesn't matter were you stay as you can get any place easy. I have dove with N2 the blue and loved them. A great group of people that work and run the place. The pier is a fantastic night dive. There are also some great dive sites on that side of the island that just have some amazing sponge formations. The wall dives on the other side of the island are completely different dives. It really is a nice place to dive. You will love it.
  9. I have done a few of the islands on your list. Barbados-I also used dive barbados and also just loved diving with them. I found it very relaxed and a great day of diving. They picked me up right at the end of the cruise terminal. That said it is a bit of a hike to get out were they could pick me up as they can't pull in to the area because of the security. St. Lucia.- I used Frogs diving http://www.frogsdiving.com/ They were one of my fav's ops from a cruise ship. picked me up on there boat right across from the ship. Maybe a 50 yard walk. They use only small groups( we had 5)-Dive your computer which is great and gave a briefing of 5 spots that fit the weather and let the boat decide on the site. We went with Supermans Flight for the first dive which is a great drift dive at the base of the pitons(A must do!) And the same 5 choices for the 2nd dive. Just a great group to dive with. Will go with them again when I go back for sure. Curacao- I went with Ocean Encounters. They were ok just a larger group which was ok. Again picked up at cruise ship. The one nice thing about them was after the two tank you get free shore diving at the house reef so I was able to get in a 3rd dive before going back to the ship If you have any more questions about the above just let me know.
  10. For me I find it much easier shooting on night dives. It seems much harder to over/under expose the image. Maybe its just in my head?
  11. I used a f31 with a housing for my first underwater set up and thought it was great. Super easy to use. I also thought the housing was pretty solid and never had a problem with it. Like Andy said it works great with a inon 165 fisheye and macro lens if you want to expand a bit as well.
  12. Adding the Inon mount base with the sale. Received some offers already so this will be the last day it will sell to the highest offer at the end of the day!
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